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Today is the day of 21st August in the pages of history (India and abroad)


Today is the day of 21st August in the pages of history (India and abroad)

Today is the day of 21st August in the pages of history (India and abroad)

Today i.e. 21st August, major events of the day in the pages of history such as the 100 and 200 meter running world record-setting athlete Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica and the famous shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan passed away.

Other major world famous events are as follows-

No:1. August 21, 1689 – Battle of Dunkeld takes place in Scotland.

No:2. August 21, 1718 - Turkey and Venice signed a peace treaty.

No:3. August 21, 1772 – Gustav III revolts in Sweden, ending the 50-year-old parliament's rule and establishes a dictatorship.

No:4. August 21, 1790 - British forces led by General Meadows capture Dindigul.

No:5. August 21, 1842 - The city of Hobart, Tasmania, is founded.

No:6. August 21, 1914 - German forces capture Temins, Belgium.

No:7. August 21, 1915 – Italy declares war on Turkey during World War I.

No:8. August 21, 1931 – Music composer Pandit Vishnu Digambar passed away.

No:9. August 21, 1938- Jewish teachers banned in high schools in Italy.

No:10. August 21, 1945 - Renowned British scholar and Eastern affairs expert Reynold Nicholson died at the age of 77. Nicholson had made extensive studies of Iranian literature and called himself a follower of the eminent Iranian poet, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.

No:11. August 21, 1959 - The organization named Sinto was established with the participation of Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Britain, this organization came into existence at the place of Baghdad Treaty, which was formed in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

No:12. August 21, 1959 - Hawaii becomes the 50th US state.

No:13. August 21, 1963 - Martial law is enforced after attacks on Buddhist pagodas in southern Vietnam.

No:14. August 21, 1965 - The constitution is adopted in the European country of Romania.

No:15. August 21, 1972 - Wildlife Protection Act is passed in India.

No:16. August 21, 1986 - Usain Bolt, the world record setter for the 100 and 200 meters, was born in Jamaica.

No:17. August 21, 1986 – Nearly 2000 people die in Cameroon due to toxic gas released from a volcanic eruption.

No:18. August 21, 1988 - One thousand people died due to a strong earthquake on the Indo-Nepal border.

No:19. August 21, 1991 - Latvia declares independence from the United Soviet Union, Russia.

No:20. August 21, 1993 - NASA's Superc breaks apart with Mars Observer.

No:21. August 21, 1997 – Cyclone Winni in eastern China kills 140 people and injures 3,000.

No:22. August 21, 2006 - Ustad Bismillah Khan, the famous shehnai player, passed away.

No:23. August 21, 2012 – In the African country of Democratic Republic of Congo, 20 people died due to infection with Ebola virus.

No:24. August 21, 2013 - 37 people are killed and 16 injured in a bus accident near Chin Swi Temple in Malaysia.

No:25. August 21, 2014 Three top Hamas commanders were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafa.

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