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Magadha Empire Questions and Answers


Today in this post we share about the information Magadha Empire Questions and Answers,upsc mains questions on magadha empire,important questions on mauryan empire,questions on rise of magadha,magadha empire upsc,mcq on mauryan empire.The period from the 6th century BC to 4th century Bc saw the struggle for supremacy among four mahajanapadas-Magadha, Kosala, Vatsa and Avanti. Ultimately, Magadha emerged as the most powerful and prosperous kingdom in North India. The founder of Magadha was Jarasandha and Brihadratha. But the growth started under the Haryankas, expansion took place under the Sisunagas and Nandas and reached its aenith under the Mauryas. Extent former districts of Patna, Gaya and parts of Shahabad.

 No.-1. At the time of Chandragupta Morya who traveled in India?

(a) Fa-Hien

(b) Megasthenes

(c) Ibn Battuta

(d) Al-Biruni

No.-2. Which area of India was known as Avantika in ancient times? [SSC Sec. Officer (Audit) 1997]

(a) Avadh

(b) Ruhelkhand

(c) Bundelkhand

(d) Malwa

No.-3. The ‘Ajivikas’ were : [SSC Tax Asst. (Income Tax) 2004]

(a) Sect contemporary to the Buddha

(b) Breakaway branch of the Buddhists

(c) Sect founded by Charvaka

(d) Sect founded by Shankaracharya

No.-4. Whose army did Alexander the Greek ruler confront on the banks of the river Jhelum? [SSC CHSL LDC, DEO & PAISA 2015]

(a) Chandragupta Maurya

(b) Ambi

(c) Dhanananda

(d) Pbrus

No.-5. Name of Republic which was a confederacy to tribes in the 6th century B.C. : [SSC CHSL LDC, DEO & PAISA 2015]

(a) Gandhara

(b) Vajji

(c) Koushal

(d) Avanti

No.-6. Who was the founder of Haryanka dynasty?

(a) Ajatsatru

(b) Uddyan

(c) Bimbisara

(d) Nagdashak

No.-7. Who was the last king of Nanda Dynasty?

(a) Dhana Nanda

(b) Mahapadma Nanda

(c) Bhutapala Nanda 

(d) Kaivarta Nanda

No.-8. Which ruler murdered his father, Bimbisara to ascend the throne? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2002]

(a) Ashoka

(b) Ajatshatru

(c) Kanishka

(d) Simukha

No.-9. Alexander and the army of Porus camped on the opposite bank of which river? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]

(a) Ravi

(b) Jhelum

(c) Sutlej

(d) Chenab

No.-10. Which one of the following scholar, challenged Invincible Yajnavalkya for debate? [SSC CHSL Exam, 2014]

(a) Ghosha

(b) Apala

(c) Maitreyi

(d) Gargi

No.-11. Which of the following ruler was responsible for the rise of Magadha? [SSC CHSL 2008]

(a) Bindusara

(b) Ajatshatru

(c) Bimbisara

(d) Vasudeva

No.-12. Which book describes more about 16 Mahajanapada?

(a) Digha Nikaya

(b) Vinaya Pitaka

(c) Anguttara Nikaya

(d) Sutta Nipata

No.-13. Which one is the capital of Avanti?

(a) Mahismati

(b) Taxila

(c) Kansambi

(d) Giriv Raja

No.-14. King Kharvela was the greatest ruler of the Chedi Dynasty of : [SSC CGL 2013]

(a) Cholamandalam

(b) Kalinga

(c) Kannauj

(d) Purushpur

No.-15. Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars : [SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & ASI 2015]

(a) Kosala

(b) Magadha

(c) Champa

(d) Avanti

No.-16. Which dynasty ruled over ‘Magadha’ after Mauryan Dynasty? [SSC CHSL 2013]

(a) Satavahan

(b) Shunga

(c) Nanda

(d) Kanva

No.-17. Nalanda Mahavira site is in situated in :

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Gujarat

No.-18. Which one is the technique used by Bimbisara to extend his empire?

(a) War

(b) Marriage

(c) Betray

(d) None

No.-19. Who was the last king of Shishunaga dynasty?

(a) Kakavarna Kalashoka

(b) Nandi Bardhan

(c) Shishunaga

(d) None

No.-20. Which Purana explain more about Mauryan Empire?

(a) Agni Purana

(B) Padma Purana

(c) Vishnu Purana

(d) Bhagavata Purana






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