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Jainism Buddhism Questions and Answers MCQ



Today in this post we share about the facts of Jainism Buddhism Questions and Answers MCQ,jainism multiple choice questions,Important mcq on buddhism,Interesting buddhism mcq ,mcq on buddhism and jainism upsc,jainism questions for competitive examsJainism and Buddhism is an important topic in Ancient History. On which many questions have been asked in the initial examination. Therefore, it is very important to practice ancient history quiz based on the pattern of UPSC examination. Here we have provided a quiz based on Jainism and Buddhism on ancient history. In the IAS Preliminary Examination, two questions will be asked.

 No.-1. Who was the last ruler of India that adopted Jainism in his last days? [SSC CHSL 2011]

(a) Samudra Gupta

(b) Bidusara

(c) Chandra Gupta Maurya

(d) Ashoka

No.-2. The first Buddhist Council was held at. [SSC CGL 2016]

(a) Kashmir

(b) Rajagriha

(c) Pataliputra

(d) Vaishali

No.-3. In which Indian Religion, there are 24 tirthankaras?

(a) Jainism

(b) Buddhism

(c) Hinduism

(d) Sikhism

No.-4. The first Tirthankara of the Jains was : [SSC CGL 1999]

(a) Arishtanemi

(b) Parshvanath

(c) Ajitanath

(d) Rishabha

No.-5. With which of the following is the classic “Jivaka Chintamani” in Tamil associated? [SSC CGL 2002]

(a) Jainism

(b) Buddhism

(c) Hinduism

(d) Christianity

No.-6. Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists? [SSC CGL 2005]

(a) Upanishad

(b) Vedas

(c) Tripitaka

(d) Jatakas

No.-7. Ashoka called the Third Buddhist Council at : [SSC CGL 2005]

(a) Pataliputra

(b) Magadha

(c) Kalinga

(d) Sarnath

No.-8. Name the clan Buddha belonged to : [SSC CGL 2008]

(a) Gnathrika

(b) Maurya

(c) Shakya

(d) Kuru

No.-9. Gautama Buddha was born at : [FCI Assistant 2012]

(a) Kusinagar

(b) Sarnath

(c) Bodha Gaya

(d) Lumbini

No.-10. Who was the mother of Mahavira? [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]

(a) Yasoda

(b) Anojja

(c) Trishala

(d) Devanandi

No.-11. Mahavira was born in a Kshatriya clan by the name of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]

(a) Shakya

(b) Janatrika

(c) Mallas

(d) Lichhavis

No.-12. The Third Buddhist Council was patronised by : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2002]

(a) Kanishka

(b) Ashoka

(c) Mahakashyap Upali

(d) Sabakarni

No.-13. Vaishakha Poornima has a great significance because it was on this day : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2006)

(a) Buddha was born

(b) Buddha got enlightened

(c) Buddha died

(d) All of the above

No.-14. What is ‘Milind Panho’? [SSC MTS 2013]

(a) A Buddhist place

(b) One of the names of Buddha

(c) A Buddhist Specimen of Art

(d) Buddhist text

No.-15. The Buddhist monk who spread Buddhism in Tibet was : [SSC CGL 2013]

(a) Nagarjuna

(b) Ananda

(c) Asanga

(d) Padmasambhava

No.-16. The site of birth (nativity) of Gautam Buddha is marked by : [SSC CGL 2014]

(a) a monastery

(b) a “Rummindei Pillar” of Ashok Maurya

(c) a statue

(d) a Peepal Tree

No.-17. With which religion is Kaivalya associated? [SSC CGL Tier-I 2016]

(a) Buddhism

(b) Jainism

(c) Hinduism

(d) Sikhism

No.-18. To which Ganarajya Gautam Buddha belonged? [SSC CGL Tier-I 2016]

(a) Shibi

(b) Shakya

(c) Sakura Sena

(d) Shabara

No.-19. Who was the founder of Jainism in India? [SSC CHSL 2014]

(a) Gautama

(b) Mahavira

(c) Chandra Gupta

(d) Ashoka

No.-20. Which of the following is Parinirvana place of Mahavira? [SSC CHSL 2015]

(a) Pava

(b) Sarnath

(c) Vaishali

(d) Shravanabelagola

No.- 21. The language in which Buddha preached?

(a) Hindi

(b) Urdu

(c) Pali

(d) Hebrew

No.-22. Where did Lord Buddha breathe his last? [SSC CGL 2002]

(a) Rajgir

(b) Bodh Gaya

(c) Sarnath

(d) Kushinagar

No.-23. Gandhara school of art came into existence in : [SSC CPO 2003]

(a) Hinayana sect

(b) Mahayana sect

(c) Vaishnava sect

(d) Shaiva sect

No.-24. The tutor of Alexander, the Great was : [SSC CGL 2005]

(a) Darius

(b) Cyrus

(c) Socrates

(d) Aristotle

No.-25. Who propounded the ‘Eight-Fold Path’ for the end of misery of mankind? [SSC CGL 2005]

(a) Mahavir

(b) Gautam Buddha

(c) Adi Shankaracharya

(d) Kabir

No.-26. Mention the place where Buddha attained enlightenment : [SSC CGL 2011]

(a) Sarnath

(b) Bodh Gaya

(c) Kapilavastu

(d) Rajgriha

No.-27. Which one of the following was the last Buddhist text produced In India? [SSC CPO SI 2011]

(a) Divya Vandana

(b) Dohakosa

(c) Vjrachedika

(d) Vamsathapakasini

No.-28. The paintings of Ajanta depict the stories of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999, CHSL 2011]

(a) Ramayana

(b) Mahabharata

(c) Jataka

(d) Panchatantra

No.-29. Lord Mahavira died at : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]

(a) Saravana Belagola

(b) Lumbini Garden

(c) Kalugumalai

(d) Pavapuri

No.-30. In which language was the Buddhist-texts ‘Pitakas’ composed? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2002]

(a) Sanskrit

(b) Ardhamagadhi

(c) Pali

(d) Prakrit


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