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kerala history questions and answers


Today in this post we share about the facts  of kerala basic facts questions and answers,indian history questions and answers in malayalam,kerala history questions for kas,multiple choice questions on kerala malayalam. I hope this facts is heplful for all competitors.Kerala is a state located in the southwest corner of India. Which has an area of ​​38,863 sq km and a population of about 33,406,061. The state borders with the sea on one side and also with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. Whose Kovalam beach is famous all over the world. Here is a collection of important questions and answers to the history of Kerala. Which will prove to be particularly useful for the upcoming exams 2020.

 No.-1. Early inhabitants of Kerala belonged to the last phase of ……..

(a) Middle Stone Age

(b) Early Stone Age

(c) Iron Age

(d) Copper Age

Ans : (a)

No.-2. When did Vaikom Satyagrana took place in Kerala?

(a) 1923

(b) 1924

(c) 1925

(d) 1926

Ans : (b)

No.-3. The first recorded history of Kerala seems inside the inscriptions of …….

(a) Bindusara

(b) Ashoka

(c) Pulkesin

(d) Raj Raja I

Ans : (b)

No.-4. Who among the following is the only person from Kerala to become President of Indian National Congress?

(a) C. Sankaran Nair

(b) G.P. Pillai

(c) K. Madhavan Nair

(d) Gopala Menon

Ans : (a)

 No.-5. Which among the following is correct?

(a) Ays – North Kerala

(b) Cheras – Central Kerala

(c) Ezhimalas – South Kerala

(d) All of these

Ans : (b)

No.-6. During which year princely states of Travancore and Cochin merged?

(a) 1951

(b) 1950

(c) 1949

(d) 1960

Ans : (c)

No.-7. Kannur and Wayanad districts were ruled by ……..

(a) Ezhimalas

(b) Ays

(c) Cheras

(d) None of these

Ans : (a)

No.-8. Which was the main centre of Salt Satyagraha in Kerala?

(a) Malabar

(b) Cochin

(c) Travancore

(d) None of these

Ans : (a)

No.-9. Kannanar was a poet laureate of ……..

(a) Utiyam Cheralatam

(b) Nedum Cheralatam

(c) Kuttuvam

(d) None of these

Ans : (b)

No.-10.When the State of Kerala came into existence?

(a) 1 November, 1956

(b) 1 November, 1955

(c) 11 November, 1956

(d) 1 December, 1956

Ans : (a)

No.-11. Which among the following was a famous harbour town of Cheras?

(a) Vanchi

(b) Tyndis

(c) Muziris

(d) Both b and c

Ans : (d)

No.-12. When did Malabar Mutiny took place in Kerala?

(a) 1921

(b) 1922

(c) 1931

(d) 1932

Ans : (a)

No.-13. Who founded the 'Kallam Era' of Kerala?

(a) Rejasekhara Varman

(b) Sthanu Ravi Varman

(c) Aditya-I

(d) Kulasekhara Alvar

Ans : (a)

No.-14. In which year the First All Kerala Political Conference was held?

(a) 1920

(b) 1921

(c) 1922

(d) 1923

Ans : (b)

No.-15. Vasco-da-Gama arrived Calicut in ……

(a) 1502

(b) 1498

(c) 1458

(d) 1707

Ans : (b)

No.-16. Who was the editor of 'Madras Standard' during unindependent India in Kerala?

(a) G.P. Pillai

(b) C. Sankaran Nair

(c) K. Madhvan Nair

(d) Gopala Menon

Ans : (a)

No.-17. In which year Mahatma Gandhi visited Vaikom?

(a) 1928

(b) 1932

(c) 1924

(d) 1918

Ans : (c)

No.-18. Name the leader from Kerala who became the General Secretary of Indian National Congress twice.

(a) C. Sankaran Nair

(b) K Madhavan Nair

(C) Veluthampy Dalava

(d) G.P. Pillai

Ans : (d)

No.-19. Attingal Rebellion was broke out in ……..

(a) 1721

(b) 1728

(c) 1815

(d) 1803

Ans : (a)

No.-20. Moppilas Revolt took place in which state during British period?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Karnataka

(d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans : (a)

 Kerala History GK Facts

No.-1. Writings in the Edakkal Caves belonged to the Dravida Brahmi script.

No.-2. Utiyam Cheralatham of the first Chera Empire had the title 'Yanavarampan'.

No.-3. Kollam Era is also known as Malayalam Era.

No.-4. Kulasekhara Alwar wrote Perumal Tirumozhi in Tamil and Mukundamala in Sanskrit.

No.-5. The famous "hundred years war" between the Cholas and Cheras began during the reign Bhaskara, Ravi Vannan I.

No.-6. Sankaracharya was a Namboothiri Brahmin bom at Kaladi on the banks of river Periyar.

No.-7. Bhakti movement became prominent under the Kulasekharas.

No.-8. Assyrians and Babylonians were the first to have trade relations with ancient Kerala.

No.-9.Italian (Venetian) traveler Marcopolo reached Kerala in 1292 (13th Century).

No.-10. Muziris, Tyndis, Barace and Nelcynade were the famous seaports in ancient Kerala.

No.-11. African Traveller (Morocco), Ibn Batuta reached Kerala during 1342-1347.

No.-12. Nicholo Conti reached Kerala in 1440.

No.-13. Christianity was introduced in Kerala in the first century AD (52 AD) by St. Thomas.

No.-14. Vasco da Gama reached at Kappad near Calicut on 20 May 1498. He was sent to India by Portuguese king Dom Manuel.

No.-15. Vasco da Gama was received at Calicut by the Zamorin.

No.-16. The Chavittunatakam, the Christian counterpart of the Hindu Kathakali was also introduced by the Portuguese.

No.-17. First European fort built in India was the Fort Manual at Cochin by Albuquerque.

No.-18. Dutch Admiral Steven Van Der Hagen was the first Dutch Admiral to reach Kerala (Calicut).

No.-19. An important innovation introduced by Marthanda Varma was the framing of the annual budget called “Pativukanakku”.

No.-20. Marthanda Varma is known as the maker of modem Travancore.

No.-21. The First English factory in Kerala was set up at Vizhinjam.

No.-22. Attingal Revolt was the first organised revolt against the English in Kerala.

No.-23. The reign of Swathi Thirunal (1829-1847) was a Golden Age in the history of Travancore

No.-24. The first census of the state was conducted in 1836 by Swathi Thirunal.

No.-25. Ayilyam Thirunal was also the first Raja of Travancore to receive the title 'Maharaja' from the British crown.

No.-26. Sri Mulam Tirunal formulated a Legislative Council in 1888. This was the first Legislative Council in an Indian State.

No.-27. The Malabar Rebellion was in 1921.

No.-28. The agitation known as Nivarthana (Abstention) Movement was started as a protest against the constitutional reforms of 1932.

No.29. The state of Kerala formally came into existence on November 1, 1956.

No.-30. The first general elections to the Kerala state Legislature were held in February and March 1957.



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