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Zero to one Free pdf download


Zero to one Free pdf download

Zero to one Free pdf download

No:1. In today’s era everyone desire to become entrepreneur or startup and in the race to startup we try to follow the existing business model and copy them but the next Bill Gates will not build an operating system and next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine.

No:2. It means it is not to copy someone else’s idea rather than try to focus on something new and innovative that is required to bring change in the world, by copying others we are not going to reach anywhere, so it is best to focus on learning something new.

Zero to one pdf free download

No:1. Learning something new or creating seems more difficult than copying existing ideas, doing what we already know is going from 1 to n but to create something new is to go from 0 to 1.

No:2. If you are not focusing on building or creating something fresh, then we are not going to achieve the utmost success and at the end we will fail.

No:3. There are numerous examples that already exist and the numbers of failure of startups are increasing day by day, which leads to unemployment and creates pressure on existing businesses to generate employment.

No:4. If a new startup or business model does not succeed it will lead to more and more unemployment.

No:5. Nowadays technology is doing miraculous work and it helps us to do more from our capabilities, one can achieve anything in this world if he uses things wisely. 

Zero to one pdf book details

No:1. Book Name –zero to one by peter thiel pdf

No:2. Format– PDF

No:3. Author– Peter Thiel, Blake Masters

No:4. Size– mb

No:5. Page- 213

No:6. Subject– English

No:7. Language– English

No:8. Publications– Random House

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