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static gk for ssc


static gk for ssc

Static GK and Current Events Questions and Answers

Take the quiz listed below based on static GK and current events. The quiz is specially designed for the candidates of various competitive exams.

GK Quiz 2021

Candidates who are preparing for various Government exams must indulge in this quiz series brought to them by us and improve their knowledge on the important subjects.


Que.1). What is true about Israel's geographical location?

i) It is situated towards the west of the Mediterranean Sea

ii) It is located towards the north of the Red Sea

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.2). When is the fall of the Ottoman Empire listed in the world’s history?

a). 1918

b). 1917

c). 1900

d). 1945

Ans. b

Que.3). The Jews came from around the world and gathered in Palestine between 1882 to 1948. What is the movement called?

a). Catastrophe

b). Alahas

c). Aliyahs

d). Holocaust

Ans. c

Que.4). Choose the correct statement about the Israel Palestine conflict

i) The conflict began in the mid 18th century between the two parties

ii) Al-Nakba happened when thousands of Palestinians fled their homes

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.5). Which political leader is said to be the flag bearer of the Reservation/ Quota system in India?

a). Morarji Desai

b). Dr BR Ambedkar

c). Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

d). Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

Ans. b

Que.6). After which report Reservation system was extended to OBCs?

a). Mandal Commission Report

b). Punchhi Commission Report

c). Ajith Kumar Committee Report

d). Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report

Ans. a

Que.7). Who appoints the judges of the High Court?

a). Governor of the State

b). President of India

c). Chief Justice of India

d). Parliament

Ans. b

Que.8). What is the age of retirement of any Supreme Court judge?

a). 60 years

b). 63 years

c). 65 years

d). 72 years

Ans. c

Que.9). When is International Nurses Day observed?

a). May 12

b). May 9

c). May 11

d). May 13

Ans. a

Que.10). Whose birth anniversary is on May 12, observed as International Nurses Day?

a). Mother Teresa

b). Princess Diana

c). Florence Nightingale

d). None of the above

Ans. c 

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