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static gk books


static gk books

Static GK and Current Events Questions and Answers

Candidates who are preparing for various Government exams must indulge in this quiz series brought to them by us and improve their knowledge on the important subjects.

GK Quiz

Take the GK Quiz listed below based on Current Events and Static topics essential for the upcoming government job examinations. We begun this initiative for the aspirants of various national exams.


Que.1). Choose the correct statement about CECPA from below?

i) It is India's first trade agreement with any African nation

ii) It includes export items for India like food, beverages, agricultural products, textiles

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. c

Que.2). In which year did the Ottoman Empire fall?

a). 1912

b). 1919

c). 1917

d). 1948

Ans. c

Que.3). Which of the following statement is the correct about the Leader of Opposition in India

i)  The leader of the largest party with not less than one-tenth of the total strength of the house holds the position

ii) It is a constitutional position

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. a

Que.4). At which archaeological site recently 4 legged coffins and a chariot was found?

a). Harappa

b). Sinauli

c). Gaya

d). Kurukshetra

Ans. b

Que.5). Who launched India's first ever amputee clinic?





Ans. a

Que.6). The World's smallest reptile is found in?

a). Australia

b). India

c). Madagascar

d). Brazil

Ans. c

Que.7). As per the economic survey this year, how has been India's economic recovery?

a). V shaped

b). Vertical

c). U shaped

d). None of the above

Ans. a

Que.8). Which University has been credited with development of wooden satellites?

a). Michigan University

b). Yale University

c). Kyoto University

d). PyongYang University

Ans. c

Que.9). Who has been crowned the Miss Universe 2021?

a). Andrea Meza

b). Julia Gama

c). Janick Maceta Del Castillo

d). None of the above

Ans. a

Que.10). Which virus causes the bird flu?

a). H1N1 Virus

b). H5N1 Virus

c). Influenza Virus

d). H2N5 virus

Ans. b

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