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General Knowledge Questions with answers

 As we know, General knowledge always helps to build a person’s confidence level high and also sharpens his thinking capacity too. As we already discussed, GK (general knowledge covers a wide range of events from the past and present, and what is likely to happen in the future.

General Knowledge Questions with answers

No.-1.Which Country shares the longest boundary with India ?

Answer :- Bangladesh

No.-2. Which is the boundary line Called between India and Pakistan ?

Answer :- Radcliffe Line

No.-3. Which channel Separates the Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

Answer :- Ten Degree Channel

No.-4. Which state in India Shares Our boundaries with Maximum States ?

Answer :- Uttar Pradesh

No.-5. Abolition of untouchability comes under which article in India ?

Answer :- Article 17

No.-6. What is the meaning of white color on the Indian national flag ?

Answer :- Peace and Truth

No.-7. What is the Maximum gap between two sessions of the Parliament ?

Answer :- 6 months

No.-8. When is National Girl Child Day celebrated in India ?

Answer :- 24 January

No.-9. On which day National Youth Day is celebrated every year in India ?

Answer :- 12 January

No.-10. When is Indian Navy Day Celebrated Every Year ?

Answer :- 4 December

No.-11. In which year GST was launched in India ?

Answer :- 2017

No.-12. When was the ” Make in India ” program launched by the Government of India ?

Answer :- 2014

No.-13. The only Language Which the Computer understands is ?

Answer :- Binary Language

No.-14. What does FM stands for in FM Radio ?

Answer :- Frequency Modulation

No.-15. What is the full form of SIM?

Answer :- Subscriber Identity Module

No.-16. Who was the first president of the United States ?

Answer :- George Washington

No.-17. Who was the first women to go into space?

Answer :- Valentina Tereshkova

No.-18. What is the time taken by sunlight to reach Earth ?

Answer :- 8 min 16 second

No.-19. Study of Whole Universe is also known as ?

Answer :- Cosmology

No.-20. Which country first introduced the bullet trains?

Answer :- Japan

No.-21. Which one is the biggest island in the world?

Answer :- Greenland

No.-22. What is the name of world longest mountain range ?

Answer :- Andes (south America)

No.-23. Provision of susspension of fundamental rights during emergency is taken from which country?

Answer :- Germany

No.-24. In Indian constitution which articles and Part deal with Union and its territory?

Answer :- Article 1-4 (part-1)

No.-25. Working of optical fibre in communication is based on which Principal ?

Answer :- the principal of total internal reflection

No.-26. what is the SI unit of power of lens ?

Answer :- Dioptre

No.-27. Separation of cream from milkfrom cream seprator is work on which principle?

Answer :- Centrifugal force

No.-28. Detergent or soap cleans the dirty clothes is based on which principle?

Answer :- Surface tension

No.-29. Who is regarded as father of artificial Intelligence?

Answer :- John McCarthy

No.-30. Name the blood vessels which connects the arteries to the veins ?

Answer :- Capillaries

No.-31. What is the value of acceleration due to gravity?

Answer :- 9.8 m/s²

No.-32. Kanchenjunga (8586 mt) mountain is situated in which state of india?

Answer :- Sikkim

No.-33. India shares its longest boundary with which neighbouring country?

Answer :- Bangladesh (4096 km)

No.-34. Who was appointed as the constitutional adviser of the Indian constitutional assembly?

Answer :- BN Rao

No.-35. Bully word is related with which sports?

Answer :- Hockey

No.-36. Where is headquarter of FIFA is located?

Answer :- Zurich (Switzerland)

No.-37. “Black Pagoda” is located in which state of India?

Answer :- Odisha

No.-38. Which is the largest temple in India?

Answer :- Srirangam Temple

The Srirangam Temple located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is listed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world. The temple occupies an area of ​​156 acres with a circumference of 4,116 meters. making it the largest temple in India and one of the largest religious complex in the world.

No.-39. What is the first colour film made in India?

Answer :- Kisan Kanya

No.-40. Which is the largest Museum in India?

Answer :- Indian Museum, Kolkata

No.-41. In which state of India is Kolar Gold mines (KGF) situated?

Answer :- Karnataka

Kolar Gold Mines is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka state, India. These mines were the largest gold mine in India in the 20th century. One of India’s most hit movie KGF is based on this gold mine.

No.-42. Which state in India has the highest coal reserves ?

Answer :- Jharkhand

No.-43. Which gas is added to LPG to make it smell during the leakage?

Answer :- Ethyl Mercaptan

No.-44. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere ?

Answer :- Troposphere

No.-45. What is the chemical name of Laughing Gas?

Answer :- Nitrous oxide

No.-46. Which acid is used for cleaning Gold Ornaments?

Answer :- Nitric Acid

No.-47. Which gas is mainly present in CNG?

Answer :- Methane

No.-48. Who is the founder of Paytm ?

Answer :- Vijay Shekhar Sharma

No.-49. Who is the founder of space transport services company, SpaceX ?

Answer :- Elon Musk

No.-50. Who invented bicycle?

Answer :- Baron karl von drais

No.-51. On which day National Farmers Day is celebrated every year in India?

Answer :- 23 December

No.-52. Which Indian city is known as the City of Diamonds ?

Answer :- Surat, Gujarat

No.-53. What is the full form of GPS?

Answer :- Global Positioning System

No.-54. In which Country women are not allowed to drive?

Answer :- Saudi Arabia

No.-55. Which animal can live without water for lifetime?

Answer :- Kangaroo Rat

No.-56. Study of weather called ?

Answer :- metrology

No.-57. Which chemical element is commonly present in common salt?

Answer :- Sodium and Chlorine

No.-58. Which language is used by computer to process data?

Answer :- Binary Language

No.-59. Agra Fort was built by which Mughal emperor?

Answer :- Akbar

No.-60. When did first Internet connection Start in India?

Answer :- 14 August 1995

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