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GK Questions and Answers In English

 As we know, General knowledge always helps to build a person’s confidence level high and also sharpens his thinking capacity too. As we already discussed, GK (general knowledge covers a wide range of events from the past and present, and what is likely to happen in the future.

GK Questions and Answers In English

No.-1. How many players are there in one Baseball team?

Ans: Nine

No.-2. Who founded the search engine " Google"?

Ans: Larry Page & Sergey Brin

No.-3. How many sides does the Pentagon have?

Ans: Five

No.-4. What does 4G mean?

Ans: Fourth Generation

No.-5. When was the camera invented?

Ans: In the year 1816

No.-6. What is the height of Kanchenjunga?

Ans: 8,586 meter

No.-7. What is the origin of the Tapi river?

Ans: Satpura Ranges

No.-8. Which is said to be the highest region of the earth?

Ans: Tibet - 14,370 feet above sea level.

No.-9. Which public sector bank is the largest in India?

Ans: State Bank of India

No.-10. What was the ruling period of Razia Sultana?

Ans: 1236AD - 1240AD

No.-11. Where is Salim Ali National Park located?

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

No.-12. Name any other search engine besides Google.

Ans: Yahoo

No.-13. Where is the World Health Organisation situated?

Ans: Geneva, Switzerland

No.-14. When does National Science day celebrate?

Ans: February 28

No.-15. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country?

Ans: Malaysia

No.-16. What is the currency of Japan?

Ans: Japanese Yen

No.-17. Where is the pyramid of Khufu present?

Ans: Egypt

No.-18. Which Mughal ruler is associated with Bibi ka Maqbara?

Ans: Aurangzeb

No.-19. Where was freedom fighter Udham Singh born?

Ans: Sangrur, Punjab

No.-20. How many times can an American President be elected?

Ans: Eight years (Two times)

No.-21. Who is known as the Father of Mathematics?

Ans: Archimedes

No.-22. What is the capital of Mexico City?

Ans: Mexico City

No.-23. How many MBs are there in 1 GB?

Ans: 1024 MBs

No.-24. Name any one country which is present in both Asia and Europe.

Ans: Turkey

No.-25. What does COVID-19 mean?

Ans: Coronavirus Disease 2019

No.-26. Which probe launch influenced the movie "Mission Mangal"?

Ans: Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) / Mangalyaan

No.-27. Which revolutionary established the slogan "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan"?

Ans: Lal Bahadur Shastri

No.-28. Who is the writer of "The God of Small Things"?

Ans:  Arundhati Roy

No.-29. Which was the first state on the basis of language in India?

Answer 29. Andhra Pradesh

No.-30. Where does the Bhil tribe find?

Ans: Rajasthan

No.-31. What does "DC" mean in Washington DC?

Ans: District of Columbia

No.-32. What is Nagpur famous for?

Ans: Oranges

No.-33. What is the full form of ISRO?

Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation

No.-34. How many prime and non-prime numbers will there be in between 1 to 100?

Ans: 25 and 73

No.-35. Which date is written in the preamble of India?

Ans: November 26, 1949

No.-36. What is produced when there is friction?

Ans: Heat

No.-37.  What is the International Committee’s motto?

Ans: Faster, Higher, Stronger, and Together

No.-38. How long does a Test Match last?

Ans: Over 5 days

No.-39. When is Earth day celebrated?

Ans: 22nd April

No.-40. ‘Taekwondo’ is from which country?

Ans: Korea

No.-41. Which state in India has its own constitution?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

No.-42. Name the smallest continent in the world.

Ans: Australia

No.-43. What does LED stand for?

Ans: Light Emitting Diode

No.-44. What is the language from which the word ‘Tsunami’ comes from?

Ans: Japanese

No.-45. What is the largest organ in the human body?

Ans: Skin

No.-46. Who is the author of the book “The story of my experiments with truth”?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

No.-47. Which state in India has the longest coastline?

Ans: Gujarat has the longest coastline of 1,596 km.

No.-48. Which desert is the latest desert in the world?

Ans: Sahara

No.-49. Which two oceans are linked by the Panama Canal?

Ans: Atlantic and Pacific

No.-50. Which year did India celebrate its first Republic Day?

Ans: 1950

No.-51. Which continent is considered the hottest in the world?

Ans: Africa

No.-52. Which bank is known as the “Banker’s Bank”?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

No.-53. Which animal never consumes water at all?

Ans: Kangaroo rat

No.-54. Which element glows in the dark?

Ans: Radioactive element

No.-55. Which planet in the solar system has the longest rotation?

Answer: Venus

No.-56. Which metal is found in the earth’s core?

Ans: Iron

No.-57. Which metal is a soft metal?

Ans: Gold

No.-58. Which metal is in liquid form?

Ans: Mercury

No.-59. Which is the largest animal on land in the world?

Ans: African elephants

No.-60. Which country in the world is the smallest in size?

Ans: Vatican City

No.-61. Which is the fastest animal in the world?

Ans: Cheetah

No.-62. Who invented electricity?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin

No.-63. Which continent is called a “Dark continent”?

Ans: Africa

No.-64. Which number has no number?

Ans: Zero

No.-65. How many stars does the flag of China have?

Ans: Five

No.-66. What are the mediums through which sounds travel?

Ans: Solid, liquid and gas

No.-67. Which is the largest animal in water?

Ans: Blue whale

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