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Solved Paper for UP B.Ed Joint Entrance Exam


Solved Paper for UP B.Ed Joint Entrance Exam

Solved Paper for UP B.Ed Joint Entrance Exam

No:1. UP B.Ed entrance exam was conducted in offline mode on 6th August 2021 in 75 districts by Lucknow University of Uttar Pradesh.

No:2. Ed entrance exam was conducted in two shifts of duration of three hours each.

No:3. The first shift is from 9 am to 12 noon and the second shift exam was from 2 pm to 5 pm.

No:4. In which more than 5 and a half lakh candidates appeared.

UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Questions Asked in 1st Shift

No:1. What is the study of Swapna? – Orenology

No:2. What is the three-tier Panchayat system? – Panchayat level, area level and district level

No:3. Fundamental rights are made in the Constitution Amendment Act? – 44

No:4. What is the song in this sentence 'Komal Gaat, Mridul Vasant, Hare-Hare Ye Paat'? – Special

No:5. Which is the oldest stone stupa? – Stupa of Sanchi

No:6. How many bits are there in a byte? – 8

No:7. Whose composition is Mal Gudi Days? - R. Of. Narayan

No:8. When is World Health Day celebrated? – 7 April

No:9. Excise duty on what?

No:10. Which state produces the maximum barleyon manufactured domestic consumption item– Madhya Pradesh

No:11. When did the Battle of Plassey take place? - 1757 AD

No:12. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located? – Uttarakhand

No:13. Which is the largest irrigation canal in India? – Indira Canal

No:14. Where did the first case of Corona come? – Kerala

No:15. Which is the application launched by the Government of India for Corona? – Arogya Setu

No:16. Who was the first woman Miss World of India? – Rita Faria

No:17. Who was the first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympics? – Karnam Maleshwari

No:18. Which is the largest ocean? – Pacific Ocean

No:19. Which gas is used in fire extinguishers? – Carbon dioxide

No:20. Which gas is emitted in dung gas? – Methane

No:21. Who was the Prime Minister of India who traveled to Pakistan by Bus? – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

No:22. Where is the Indian Cancer Research Institute located? – Haryana

No:23. Which country was the winner of the Under-19 World Cup? – Bangladesh

No:24. Which is the state tree of Uttar Pradesh? – Ashoka

No:25. Which substance is found in pencil? – Graphite

No:26. Grammy award is related to? – From music

No:27. Which soil is suitable for cotton cultivation? - black soil

No:28. What is myopia related to? - Nearsightedness of the eye

No:29. Which is the largest tunnel in India? – Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

No:30. Sikkim has been included under which amendment? – 36th

No:31. Which union territory has been added in 2019? – Dadarnagar Haveli and Damandwiv

No:32. In which blood group antibodies are not found?

No:33. When was Arya Samaj established in AB ? – 1875 AD

No:34. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Organization located? – New York

No:35. Which is the first programming language of computer? – FORTRAN

No:36. Limba Ram is related to which sport? Archery

No:37. Fundamental duty was included in which constitutional amendment? – 42nd

No:38. When was the Google search engine launched? – 39 in 1998.

No:R.K. Which is the main book of Narayan? - Malgudi Days

No:40. Who is the author of One Indian Girl? - Chetan Bhagat

No:41. When was the Salt Satyagraha started? – 12 March 1930

No:42. Black soil is related to which crop? – Cotton

No:43. Hariprasad Chaurasia is related to? – Flute

No:44. Who founded the Arya Samaj? – Dayanand Saraswati

No:45. Which woman won the Australian Open title in 2021? – Naomi Osaka (Japan)

No:46. What was the rank of India in the Human Development Index 2020? – 131st

No:47. Fadometer is used in what? – The depth of the sea

No:48. Who was the inventor of radio? – Guglielmo Marconi

No:49. In which season fat is needed more? – In the winter season

No:50. Tansen Award is given by which state? - Madhya Pradesh

No:51. Phobos and Deimos are satellites of which planet? – Tues

No:52. How far is IST from GMT? – 5 hours 30 minutes

No:53. Who got the status of Union Territory in 2019? – Jammu and Kashmir

No:54. Kashmiri language is associated with which constitutional amendment? Eighth Schedule of the Constitution

No:55. Which is the oldest mountain range of India? – Aravali

No:56. What is included in Panchayati Raj? – Village head

No:57. Who was the first lady of Miss Universe India? – Sushmita Sen

General Hindi Questions

No:1. Idiom is a word of which language? – Arabic

No:2. Total gender in Hindi? – 2

No:3. How many types of nouns? – 3

No:4. What will be the breakup of Tapovan? – Tapa: + One

No:5. What is the dish? - internal

No:6. I do my work myself Pronouns in this? – Proper Pronoun

No:7. How many differences are there of adverbs? – 4

No:8. How many differences are there in the sentence? – 8

Questions asked in UP B.Ed JEE 2021 2nd Shift

Que:-1. Recently which state has started 'Special Pink Booth' for vaccination of women?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Kerala

(D) Telangana

Que:-2. In which of the following state the country's first 'Electric Vehicle City' will be developed?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Maharashtra ( C) Gujarat (A) Yusuf Ali (B) Nazir Ahmed (C) Sanjeev Kumar (D) Jaspal Singh

Que:-4. Which of the following countries has prepared the world's first corona vaccine for animals? (A) America (B) Russia (C) China (D) India

Que:-5. Who was awarded the Best Film Award during the 93rd Oscar Awards 2021?

(A) The Father

(B) Nomadland

(C) My Octopus Teacher

(D) Promising Young Woman

Que:-6. Which country's military contingent was included in the Republic Day 2021 parade?

(A) France

(B) Mauritius

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Maldives

Que:-7. The theme of World Forest Day celebrated on 21 March 2021 was-

(A) Forest and biodiversity

(B) Forest and climate change

(C) Forest restoration : A path to recovery and well being

(D) Save forest and promote education

Que:-8. The author of the recently published book 'My Experiment with Silence' is-

(A) Sameer Soni

(B) Ramachandra Guha

(C) R. Kaushik

(D) Tahira Kashyap

Que:-9. In which state the country's first 'Buddhist Theme Park' has been built?

(A) Uttar Pradesh ( B

) Bihar

(C) Madhya Pradesh (A) Japan (B) Uzbekistan (C) France (D) Russia

Que:-11. Who is the author of the book 'Hitopadesh'? (A) Vishnu Sharma (B) Narayan Pandit (C) Nagarjuna (D) Vatsyayan

Que:-12. Who was the author of 'Shahnama'? (A) Utabi (B) Firdausi (C) Alberuni (D) Barni

Que:-13. Which of the following is not a composition of Kalidas?

(A) Raghuvansham

(B) Abhigyanasakuntalam

(C) Kumarasambhavam

(D) Mudrarakshasa

Que:-14. Who was the author of 'Natya Shastra'?

(A) Bharat Muni

(B) Narada Muni

(C) Jhandu Muni

(D) Vyasa Muni

Que:-15. When was the 'South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation' established?

Ans. Year 1985

Que:-16. Who has started 'Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan'?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Que:-17. In which state is the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research located?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Que:-18. Who was the founder of the 'Indian Reform Association' in the year 1870?

Ans. Keshav Chandra Sen

Que:-19. What is the unit digit in the product of 658 x 539 x ​​476 x 312?

(A) 4

(B) 2

(C) 8

(D) None of these

Que:-20. Two numbers are in the ratio 3 : 4. His celsium is 84. So what is the largest number of them?

(A) 21

(B) 28

(C) 35

(D) 84

Que:-21. If you are the 9th person from one end in a row. and 11th from the other end, then how many persons are there in the row?

(A) 20

(B) 19

(C) 21

(D) 18

General Hindi Questions

Que:-1. What is the pronunciation of the sound 'U, Oo'?

(A) throat ( B )

murdha ( C

) palate (


Que:-3. Which treaty is there in 'Mahasvarya'?

(A) Long Sandhi

(B) Guna Sandhi

(C) Growth Sandhi

(D) Yaan Sandhi

Que:-4. Choose the correct spelling from the following –

(A) Poetry

(B) Poetry

(C) Poetry

(D) Poetry

Que:-5 Which of the following is not a correct spelling?

(A) Shatrughan


(C) Parineeti

(D) Amish

Que:-6. Which of the following options contains all the common noun words?

(A) black, north, black

(B) weaver, horse, house

(C) old age, winter, distance

(D) iron, gold, silver

Que:-7. Identify the masculine word from the following-

(A) Nidhi

(B ) ) Method

(C) Amount

(D) Song

Que:-8. Select the wrong one from the following pair of factors and inflections- (A) Subject

- Ne

(B) Karma - se

(C) Karan - from

(D) Adhikaran - in

Que:-9. 'What do you eat? had been?' The pronoun used in this sentence is-

(A) Injective

(B) Definite

(C) Interrogative

(D) Indefinite

Que:-10. In which of the following sentences, pronoun is used?

(A) Whose pen is this?

(B) Some boys are playing.

(C) Some people say so.

(D) I want one liter full of milk.

Que:-11. 'Kshatriyas are very courageous.' In this sentence 'big' is-

(A) Adjective


) Attributive Adjective (C) Quantitative Adjective

(D) Numerical adjective

Que:-12. 'The mother makes the child settle by the maid.' Which verb is used in this sentence?

(A) Compound

(B) Inspirational

(C) Namadhatu

(D) Dwikarmak

Que:-13. 'Suresh was singing a song.' What period is this sentence from?

(A) common past

(B) imminent past tense

(C) perfect past

(D) imperfect past

Que:-14. Which one of the following is not a distinction of adverb according to usage?

(A) Simple

(B) Connective

(C) Compound


Que:-15. Which of the following is a suffixing adverb?

(A) only

(B) some

(C) more

(D) much

Que:-16. Mark the corresponding word from the following-

(A) Angeethi

(B) Above

(C) Aanchal

(D) Reed

Que:-17. Which one of the following similar-identical word pairs is incorrect?

(A) Okhli – Ulukhan

(B) Katik – Kartik

(C) Lad – Gum

(D) Kheer – Ksheer

Que:-18. 'Idiom' is the word of which language?

(A) Arabic

(B) Persian

(C) Turkish

(D) Indigenous

Que:-19. In which of the following words 'aa' is prefixed?

(A) Avatar

(B) Lifetime

(C) Discipline

(D) Right

Que:-20. Which of the following words does not contain the suffix 'era'?

(A) Mamaera

(B) Phuphera

(C) Cousin

(D) Sonar

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