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Short Biography of Guru Angad Dev Ji


Short Biography of Guru Angad Dev Ji

Short Biography of Guru Angad Dev Ji

No:1. Born: 31 March 1504, Sri Muktsar Sahib

No:2. Place of Birth: Mate Ki Saranh, Ferozpur

No:3. Died: 29 March 1552, Amritsar (Aged 47)

No:4. Religion: Sikhism

No:5. Spouse: Mata Khivi

No:6. Parents: Mata Ramo and Baba Pheru Mal

No:7. Known for: Standardising the Gurmukhi Script

No:8. Predecessor: Guru Nanak

No:9. Children: Datu, Amro, Anokhi, Dasu

No:10. Age, Year & Time At Gur Gadhi: 09/07/1539, 12 Years & 9 Months

No:11. Regimes: Humanyun, Sher Shah Suri & Islam Shah Suri

No:12. Contribution Of Banies: 63 Salok In Waran

No:13. Jyoti-Jot Day: 29 March 1552

No:14. Jyoti Jot Place: Khandur Sahib

Important Information

Guru Angad Devji was the second Guru (Divine Messenger) out of ten Gurus in Sikhism. He succeeded Guru Nanakji as the Sikh Guru. Lehna was the actual and childhood name of Guru Angadji. He was born on March 31, 1504 AD at Muktsar, Punjab in India.

His father Pheru Mal was a wealthy trader. He was blessed with a spiritual mind and pious ideas. He started taking interest in religious activities. At a very young age, he joined the spiritual company of Guru Nanakji and he devoted himself for the mission of Guru Nanakji. He preached the teachings of Guru Nanakji and pious ideas of Sikhism among people for many years. The great devotion and outstanding service of Lehna to the Sikhism impressed Guru Nanakji and he announced Lehna as his successor and the next Sikh Guru in 1539 and gave him the name of Angad along with the great responsibility as Sikh Guru. After many years of divine service to Sikh religion, he passed away in March 1552. After him Guru Amar Das became the next Sikh Guru.

Some Important Points

No:1. Guru Angadji was a man of letters as 63 salokas (spiritual hymns) composed by him were later included in the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred book of Sikh religion.

No:2. He also penned a detailed and authentic account of the life history of Guru Nanakji.

No:3. Guru Angadji properly maintained the institution of ‘Langar’ started by Guru Nanakji.

No:4. Guru Angadji’s great contribution to society was to develop the Gurmukhi script. He preserved Guru Nanakji’s teachings and holy words in this script. Later the Gurmukhi became the medium of writing the Punjabi language.

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