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Purana Kassapa UPSC Short Notes


Purana Kassapa  UPSC Short Notes

Purana Kassapa : UPSC Short Notes

Purana Kassapa was one of the six great heretical philosophers in ancient India. Like Makkhali Gosala, he was also contemporary with Lord Mahavira and Mahatma Buddha. He is believed to have lived around 5th and 4th century BC. It was Purana Kassapa who propounded the concept and philosophy of 'Akiriyavada (theory of Non-action). In this philosophy body has been kept free from the soul and both have been accepted as separate entities. Purana rejects any notion of reward and punishment for good and evil acts. He does not accept any result or after-effect of Karma (action) on life. Purana believed even evil acts committed by someone wouldn't bring evil results or counter ill-effects on him. Purana Kassapa's Akiriyavada philosophy was largely similar to that of Makkhali Gosala. But Lord Mahavira and Mahatma Buddha both rejected his philosophy of Akiriyavada as both believed in philosophy of action i.e., Karmavada.

Purana Kassapa's name was also mentioned in King Ajatasatru's Samannaphala Sutta.

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