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Current Relations of India and Russia


Current Relations of India and Russia

Current Relations of India and Russia

Before its dissolution in 1991, Russia was known as the Soviet Union. India-Soviet relations have been very close since the Second World War. During the Cold War period, 1945-1991, the political, economic and security ties between the two countries were strong. One of the main reasons for this was the effect of the Cold War. During the Cold War, the world was divided into two opposing factions. The leadership of the communist countries was in the hands of the Soviet Union and the leadership of the western capitalist bloc was in the hands of America. Although India followed the policy of non-alignment since independence, the issues raised under this policy such as opposition to colonialism and neo-colonialism were against the western countries. So naturally America and Western countries were against India's policy of non-alignment. America and other capitalist countries also did not like India's mixed economy and socialist policies, Because these policies were not in favor of their economic interests. In such a situation, during the Cold War, India's foreign policy was inclined towards the Soviet Union.


The most important thing was that Russia had provided its political support in India's freedom struggle and both the countries also signed Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation in 1971 to give new dimension to the relationship. The importance of this treaty was that during the Indo-Pak war in 1971, America was threatening military action against India on the side of Pakistan. In such a situation, the guarantee of India's security by the Soviet Union was important. Due to this treaty of India with the Soviet Union, India was accused that India had abandoned its policy of non-alignment. India did not directly and openly oppose Soviet military intervention in Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968 and Afghanistan in 1979. Overall, during the Cold War era, the supply of defense equipment, energy,


In the post-Cold War era, India has always given priority to its special relationship with Russia. Following its policy of strategic autonomy, India has tried to strengthen its partnership with Russia, despite its close ties with the US. At present, remarkable cooperation is visible between the two countries in the fields of defence, nuclear energy, space science, oil and natural gas etc. Even today, more than half of the defense requirements that India imports every year are from Russia. India's MiG and Sukhoi fighter aircraft, Brahmos missiles and Vikramaditya aircraft carriers are all imported from Russia. Similarly, Russia is also building a nuclear plant at Koodankulam in Tamil Nadu state of India. India has invested in oil exploration and production in Russia. Russia has always helped India in space technology as well. Bilateral trade between the two currently stands at just $10 billion, with immense potential for expansion. Both countries have set a target of taking this trade to $ 30 billion by 2025.

Russia is a supporter of India's permanent membership in the Security Council. Russia has supported India's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Russia is still in favor of India's stand on the Kashmir problem.

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