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What is AUKUS Alliance ?


What is AUKUS Alliance ?

What is AUKUS Alliance?

No:1. AUKUS, formed on 15 September 2021 is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

No:2. The name AUKUS is an acronym of the first letters of the three-member countries.

No:3. Under this pact, the three countries will share their defence capabilities for peace, stability and rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific.

No:4. More specifically the US and UK will provide nuclear submarine technology to Australia, so that its defence forces are equipped to address the challenge posed by Chinese defence forces in the region.

No:5. On the other hand, QUAD, conceived in 2007 and revived in 2017, is a strategic dialogue forum of four countries: the US, India, Japan and Australia.

No:6. Both have a common objective of ensuring peace, stability and rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific, which is free and open.

No:7. Both want to address the security and strategic challenges posed by China in the Indo-Pacific region.

No:8. Both share a common perception about Chinese threats in this region. But there are significant differences in their approach and operations.

What are the Distinctions between AUKUS and QUAD?

No:1. AUKUS is a security pact, whereas QUAD is a dialogue forum on strategic issues.

No:2. The mandate of QUAD is broader than AUKUS. The QUAD is concerned with amny strategic issues like infrastructure development, cooperation in frontline technologies as well as strategic issues. But AUKUS is concerned with security cooperation only- mainly enhancing the defence capabilities of Australia to face the emerging security challenges in the Indo-Pacific.

No:3. The membership is also different between the two entities. AUKUS is a more compact group of closer allies in comparison to QUAD.

No:4. Though not declared formally, the tendency of the AUKUS would be to focus on the Western Pacific Ocean mainly the South China Sea.

No:6. But the QUAD has a broader focus area which includes the Indian Ocean also. This distinction will be morevisible in their operations rather than in their announcements.

No:7. The leaders of both groups are trying that they should reinforce each other’s efforts for peace and stability in the region. Officially India has denied that AUKUS will have a negative impact on the activities or position of the QUAD.

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