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Japji Sahib Path Free PDF in Punjabi


Japji Sahib Path Free PDF in Punjabi

Japji Sahib Path Free PDF in Punjabi

No:1. Hello Friends! here we have uploaded the Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi for you. In this post, you can read the complete Japji Sahib Path with images.

No:2. Guru Granth Sahib starts with Japuji. The meaning of Japuji stands for inspiration for recitation of God’s name.

No:3. This Bani is uttered by Guru Nanak the founder of the Sikh faith. This is the most important Bani or set of verses by sikhs in which they pray to god for their wellness.

No:4. You can download the Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi by using the download button given below.

No:5. Beside the Japji Sahib path, Sukhmani Sahib is also considered good to recite at home or temple.

No:6. It is composed by Arjan Dev who is the fifth guru of sikhs. Some people also used to follow the Hukamnama Darbar Sahib in their daily life.

No:7. Hukimnama refers “to give orders to someone”. The basic purpose of Hukamnama in Sikhism is to give direction and guidelines to followers of Sikhism which he has to follow to live his daily life.

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