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Constitution Development of India Questions


Today we are here with new post and imporant facts about constitutional development in india in hindi,interesting constitutional development in india,Unknown facts of  constitutional development of india,stages of constitutional development in india,constitutional development of india upsc.Indian Constitution GK or Indian Polity General Knowledge Questions and Answers MCQs or Constitution Online Test or Objective General Awareness on Constitution from chapter Constitutional Development in India. These Polity objective questions are helpful for competitive exams SSC, UPSC, Railways, IAS, IPS etc.

 No.-1. Which is the highest law of the land? [SSC CHSL 2002]

(a) Indian Penal Code

(b) Indian Constitution

(c) Civil Procedure Code

(d) Criminal Procedure Code

No.-2. The constitution of India was framed by :

(a) Planning Commission

(b) Constituent Assembly

(c) President

(d) Working Committee

No.-3. The original 1950 Constitution of India is preserved in? [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) President House

(b) Prime Minister House

(c) Parliament House

(d) Archaeological Survey of India

No.-4. The drafting committee wrote the Indian Constitution in which language? [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) English and Hindi

(b) Only English

(c) English and Urdu

(d) English, Hindi and Urdu

No.-5. The division of power and Independence of judiciary are two important features of : [SSC CGL Tier-I 2013]

(a) Democratic character of government

(b) Federal character of government

(c) Socialist character of government

(d) Unitary character of government

No.-6. The serious fault in federal form of government is : [SSC Matric Level 2008]

(a) The Threat of separatism

(b) Authoritarian Governance

(c) Ignorance to Local Issues

(d) Inefficient Administration

No.-7. Which of the following judgments stated that Secularism’ and ‘Federalism are the basic features of the Indian Constitution?

(a) Keshavanada Bharati case

(b) S.R. Bommai case

(c) Indira Sawhneuy case

(d) Minerva Mills case

No.-8. Which of the following elements are necessary for a democratic system : [SSSC CHSL, 201]

(a) Free and unbiased election

(b) Equality of opportunity

(c) Protection of rights

(d) All of these

No.-9. The convention that "once a speaker always a speaker" is followed in :

(a) UK

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) India

No.-10. A federal structure for India was first put forward by the : [SSC CGL Pre. 2002]

(a) Act of 1909

(b) Act of 1919

(c) Act of 1935

(d) Act of 1947

No.-11. In India single citizenship has been adopted from : [SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2011]

(a) England

(b) USA

(c) Canada

(d) France

No.-12. The “Rule of law” is the specialty of which of the following : [SSC CGL Tier-I 2014]

(a) Britain

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) Switzerland

No.-13. The impeachment process of President of India is adopted from : [SSC CGL Tier-I 2011]

(a) USA

(b) UK

(c) USSR

(d) France

No.-14. Which of the following feature has been adopted from the constitution of USA by the maker of Indian constitution? [SSC lower divisional Exam 2005)

(a) Judicial Review

(b) Fundamental Rights

(c) Removal of the Judges of Supreme Court

(d) All of these

No.-15.’Cabinet system’ and ‘Collective responsibility’ are the contributions of : [SSC Combined Matric Level Pre 2002]

(a) Ireland

(b) United State

(c) India

(d) Britain

No.-16. Where do we find the ideals of Indian democracy in the constitution? [SSC (10+2) Level Date Entry Operator & LDC 2013]

(a) The Preamble

(b) Part III

(c) Part IV

(d) Part I

No.-17. Who among the following proposed the suggestion for a Constituent Assembly first in 1935? [SSC Stenographer C & D 2016]

(a) Nehru

(b) Gandhi

(c) J.P. Narayan

(d) M.N. Roy

No.-18. The constituent Assembly was set up in : [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) 1945

(b) 1946

(c) 1947

(d) 1949

No.-19. How many members were in the interim Parliament of India : [SSC CHSL Exam 2014]

(a) 296

(b) 313

(c) 318

(d) 316

No.-20. The Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the constituent Assembly of India was : [SSC CGL 2016]

(a) K.M. Munshi

(b) D.P. Khaitan

(c) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(d) T.T. Krishanmachari

No.-21. The Indian constitution was adopted on : [SSC sectional Off. Exam 2007]

(a) 26 January, 1950

(b) 26 January, 1946

(c) 26 November, 1949

(d) 31 December, 1949

No.-22. The Indian constitution came into force on : [SSC CPO Exam 2009, CHSL 2016]

(a) 26 January, 1950

(b) 26 January, 1952

(c) 15 August, 1948

(d) 31 November, 1949

No.-23. What does the wheel in the National Flag represent? [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) Speed

(b) Truth

(c) Growth

(d) Future

No.-24. In the National Flag of India, Ashoka Chakra is a spoked wheel : [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) 8

(b) 12

(c) 16

(d) 24

No.-25. Which of the following has the feature of dual citizenship? [SSC Steno. 2011]

(a) Unitary Government

(b) Federal Government

(c) Parliamentary Government

(d) President Ruled Government

No.-26. The Advantage of unitary system of governance is : [SSC Steno. 2011]

(a) More adaptability

(b) Strong state

(c) More participation by the people

(d) Less chance of authoritarianism

No.-27. Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government? [SSC Tax Asst. 2008]

(a) China

(b) USA

(c) Cuba

(d) Belgium

No.-28. The declaration that Democracy is a Government of the people, by the people for the people was made by : [SSC Grad. 2010]

(a) Abrahm Lincoln

(b) George Washington

(c) Theodre Roosevelt

(d) Winston Churchill

No.-29. Which of the following is not considered a Democracy? [SSC CHSL 2016]

(al USA

(b) Norway

(c) India

(d) China

No.-30. A big difference is there in between principle and behavior : [SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2014]

(a) Presidential Form of Government

(b) Fascist Form of Government

(c) Parliamentary Form of Government

(d) Socialist Form of Government

No.-31. From where did India adopted the federal system with a strong centre? [SSC Matric 2008, CGL 2006]

(a) United States of America

(b) Canada

(c) United Kingdom

(d) France

No.-32. Indian federalism is closer to : [SSC CHSL 2012]

(a) Nigeria

(b) Australia

(c) Canada

(d) USA

No.-33. From where have we borrowed the parliamentary form of government? [SSC CHSL 2015]

(a) Russia

(b) Ireland

(c) Britain

(d) America

No.-34. The system of nomination of members of Rajya Sabha has been borrowed from the constitution : [SSC MTS 2011]

(a) United States of America

(b) Ireland

(c) South Africa

(d) France

No.-35. The method of amending the constitution by popular veto is found in : [SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police SI 2014]

(a) Britain

(b) Switzerland

(c) Russia

(d) India

No.-36. Universal adult franchise shows that India is a country which is : [SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC 2014]

(a) Secular

(b) Socialist

(c) Democratic

(d) Sovereign

No.-37. The Constituent Assembly of India was constituted on the scheme of : [SSC CGL Tier-I SSC Grad. 2004]

(a) Wavell plan

(b) Cripps mission

(c) August offer

(d) Cabinet mission

No.-38. Who presided over the first meeting of Indian constituent Assembly? [SSC 2006 SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(b) Sachchidandada Sinha

(c) B.R. Ambedkar

(d) H.V. Kamath

No.-39. Who among the following was the Chairman of Fundamental Rights sub-Committee of the Constituent Assembly?

(a) J. B. Kripalani

(b) Rajendra Prasad

(c) B. R. Ambedkar

(d) Gopinath Bardoloi

No.-40. Objective resolution was moved in constituent assembly by : [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru

(b) Kiran Desai

(c) K. Natwar Singh

(d) K. M. Munshi

No.-41. January 26 selected as the date for the inauguration of the Constitution, because : [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) It was considered to be an auspicious day

(b) On that day the Quit India Movement was started in 1942

(c) The Congress had observed it as the Independence Day in 1930

(d) None of these

No.-42. Constitution Day of India is on : [SSC CHSL 2016]

(a) 26th January

(b) 23rd June

(c) 15th August

(d) 26th November

No.-43. Who among the following was the first ‘Minister of Finance’ in independent India? [SSC CPO-SI 2016]

(a) R.K. Shanmukham Chetty

(b) Liaquat Ali Khan

(c) John Mathai

(d) Satya Narayan Sinha

No.-44. Which among the following Articles came into force on 26th November 1949, the day the Indian Constitution was adopted? [SSC CPO 2016]

(a) Article 388

(b) Article 390

(c) Article 387

(d) Article 386

No.-45. In which of the form, composite India has been described in the constitution? [SSC Steno. 2005, CGL 2000, SSC Metric Level 1999, 2000, 02, See. off. 2006]

(a) A Union State

(b) Semi-Federal

(c) Federation of States and Territories

(d) Partly Unitary and Partly Federal

No.-46. Which of the following is not a feature of Indian Constitution? [SSC (10+2) Date Entry Operator & LDC 2012]

(a) Parliamentary form of Government

(b) Independence of Judiciary

(c) Presidential form of Government

(d) Federal Government

No.-47. The Presidential Government operates on the principles of : [SSC Grad. 2010]

(a) Division of powers between centre and states

(b) Centralisation of Powers

(c) Balance of Powers

(d) Separation of powers

No.-48. In a federal Government the states enjoy : [SSC CHSL 1999]

(a) Original powers

(b) Powers delegated by the Centre

(c) Powers given by the Constitution

(d) Powers given by the people

No.-49. Which of the following is a feature of Presidential form of government? [SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2014]

(a) It protects the freedom of people

(b) It ensures the speedy execution of policies

(c) Fix term stabilizes the system

(d) All of these

No.-50. When was the first Central Legislative Assembly constituted : [SSC MTS 2014]

(a) 1922

(b) 1923

(c) 1921

(d) 1920



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