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Aryabhatta Short Essay in English for Students (400 Words)


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The Gupta age, generally known as the ‘Golden Age of Ancient India’ witnessed great all-round development and outstanding progress in all spheres of life like society, economy, literature, art, science and mathematics. Aryabhatta was a luminary figure of this age. His greatness as a scientist and mathematician is even today unquestionable and beyond all suspicions. It is widely believed that Aryabhatta was born in 476 AD in Patliputra, Magadha (now in modern-day Bihar).

 After his early education, Aryabhatta went to Kusumapura for further and advanced studies. A verse indicates he soon rose to become the head of the study center at Kusumapura.

 Aryabhatta established himself as a phenomenal mathematician by writing two great books—Aryabhatiyam and Surya Sidhanta. In these books he produced several great principles of mathematics and astronomy, solving many puzzles of science in that time.

 It is also widely believed that Aryabhatta established an observatory at the Sun temple in Taregana, Bihar.

 After giving an exceptional height to science and mathematics through his principles and formulae, he passed away in 550 AD.Aryabhatta’s book Aryabhatiyam is also known as ‘AryaShatasAshta’. It means Aryabhatta’s 108. Arya-bhatiyam comprises 108 verses that is why the name–Arya-ShastasAshta has been given to the book. The book has 13 introductory verses also. In this book Aryabhata solved many problems of Algebra, Geometry and other branches of mathematics through his principles and mathematical solutions.

 No.-1.Aryabhatta was the first Indian astronomer and one of the earliest scientists to discover that the earth rotates on its axis.

No.-2. He also propounded the principle of the earth rotating around the sun, rejecting the idea of the sun rotating round the earth.

No.-3.Aryabhatta’s book Surya Sidhanta gave a detailed and scientific description of causes of solar and lunar eclipses.

No.-4. He also described in detail the variations in planetary motions.

No.-5. Aryabhatta was also the first mathematician to calculate the value of ‘pi’, a mathematical figure which is accurate to the fourth decimal point.

No.-6.He also used the concept of zero in his writings.

No.-7. Aryabhatta in of his book Aryabhatiyam gave a detailed description of several astronomical and mathematical tools probably invented by him like Gnomon (shankuyantra), a shadow tool (Chhayayantra) etc.

No.-8.Bhaskara First, another great mathematician is believed to be Aryabhatta’s disciple. Bhaskara First wrote commentaries on the books by Aryabhatta.



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