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GK Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its Effects


GK Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its Effects

GK Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its Effects

As per the Union Health Ministry, the active caseload declined to 22,28,724 with active cases decrease by 1,14,428 in the last 24 hours of COVID-19. Let us solve a quiz based on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

GK Quiz on Coronavirus

No:1. New COVID-19 cases detected on Friday (28 May 2021) are the lowest since April 12. According to the Union Health Ministry over 27.7 crore vaccine doses have been provided to States and Union Territories. Also, with today's data, the recovery rate has increased to 90.80 percent. Currently, the weekly positivity rate is at 9.84%, daily at 8.36%, less than 10% for 5 consecutive days.

No:2. Coronavirus disease is named by the World Health Organisation on 11 February, 2020 as "COVID-19".  World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global emergency on 30 January, 2020. An investigation is going on to determine more about this outbreak.


Que.1). Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about Aspergillosis?

A. It is an infection.

B. It is an allergic reaction

C. It is a fungal growth.

D. All the above

Ans. D

Que.2). Which of the following is/are the symptoms of Black Fungus?

1. Facial Swelling

2. Nasal Congestion

3. Headache

A. Only 1

B. Both 2 and 3

C. Only 2

D. 1, 2 and 3

Ans. D

Que.3). Which of the following are the causes of Yellow Fungus infection?

1. Poor hygiene

2. Moisture and heat

3. Contaminated food

4. Overuse of steroids

A. 1 and 4

B. 2, 3 and 4

C. 1, 2 and 3

D. 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ans. D

Que.4). Which of the following statements regarding Isolation during COVID-19 is/are correct?

1. It is used for people suffering from COVID-19 symptoms or who have tested positive for the virus.

2. In isolation means being separated from other people, mainly in a medical facility where you can receive clinical care.

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither 1 nor 2

Ans. C

Que.5). In India, when did the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination start?

A. December 2020

B. January 2021

C. February 2021

D. March 2021

Ans. D

Que.6). Consider the following statements.

1. When a virus does not change is called a mutation.

2. A virus with one or more new mutations is known as a “variant” of the original virus.

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither 1 nor 2

Ans. B

Que.7).  Which of the following statement is/are correct about Favipiravir?

A. Favipiravir is an antiviral COVID-19 drug.

B. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals under the brand name FabiFlu has launched an antiviral drug Favipiravir.

C. It is India's first COVID-19 drug launched, priced at Rs 103 per tablet.

D. All the above are correct

Ans. D

Que.8). How many countries, areas, or territories are suffering from novel coronavirus outbreaks in the World?

A. More than 50

B. More than 100

C. More than 150

D. More than 200

Ans. D

Que.9).  Thailand announced that it has proceeded to test it's novel coronavirus vaccine on which animal/bird?

A. Monkeys

B. Lizards

C. Hens

D. Kites

Ans. A

Que.10). In a study, which cells are found in COVID-19 patients 'bode well' for long-term immunity?

A. P-cell

B. D-Cell

C. T-Cell

D. Endothelial Cells

Ans. C

Que.11). Name the vaccine that is jointly developed by the German company BioNTech and US pharma giant Pfizer for COVID-19?

A. BNT162


C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

Ans. A

Que.12). Name a clinical trial in which blood is transfused from recovered COVID-19 patients to a coronavirus patient who is in critical condition?

A. Plasma Therapy

B. Solidarity

C. Remdesivir

D. Hydroxychloroquine

Ans. A

Que.13). How does Coronavirus transmit?

A. When a person sneezes or coughs, droplets spread in the air or fall on the ground and nearby surfaces.

B. If another person is nearby and inhales the droplets or touches these surfaces and further touches his face, eyes, or mouth, he or she can get an infection.

C. If the distance is less than 1 meter from the infected person.

D. All the above are correct.

Ans. D

Que.14). What happens to a person suffering from COVID-19?

A. Around 80% of the people will require no treatment as such and will recover on their own.

B. Around <20% or a small proportion may need hospitalisation.

C. A very small proportion basically suffering from chronic illness may need admission in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

D. All the above are correct

Ans. D

Que.15). In which age group the COVID-19 spreads?

A. COVID-19 occurs in all age groups.

B. Coronavirus infection is mild in children.

C. Older person and persons with pre-existing medical conditions are at high risk to develop serious illness.

D. All the above are correct,

Ans. D

Que.16).  What is Coronavirus?

A. It is a large family of viruses.

B. It belongs to the family of Nidovirus.

C. Both A and B are correct

D. Only A is correct.

Ans. C

Que.17). World Health Organisation on 11 February, 2020 announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak? What is the new name of the disease?


B. COVn-19

C. COnV-20

D. COnVID-19

Ans. A

Que.18). The first case of novel coronavirus was identified in .....

A. Beijing

B. Shanghai

C. Wuhan, Hubei

D. Tianjin

Ans. C

Que.19). Which of the following diseases are related to coronavirus?



C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

Ans. C

Que.20). Mild Symptoms of Novel coronavirus are:

A. Fever

B. Cough

C. Shortness of breath

D. All the above

Ans. D

Que.21). From where coronavirus got its name?

A. Due to their crown-like projections.

B. Due to their leaf-like projections.

C. Due to their surface structure of bricks.

D. None of the above

Ans. A

Que.22). What are the precautions that need to be taken to protect from the coronavirus?

A. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing.

B. Add more garlic into your diet.

C. Visit your doctor for antibiotics treatment

D. Wash your hands after every hour.

Ans. A

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