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GK Quiz on Air Pollution: Test your knowledge here

Take the general knowledge quiz consisting of multiple choice questions, (MCQs) based on air pollution. Go through each question below along with explanation for better understanding of the subject

GK Quiz on Air Pollution

Take the GK quiz on Air Pollution below. It is an important part of the subject environment sciences that is taken up in many exams coming up in next few months. Take a look below and go through every explanation provided


Que.1). Which of the following is one of the secondary air pollutants among the following?


a). CO

b). CO2

c). PANs

Ans. a

Que.2). In case of pollution due to high Ozone levels one must take which of the following precautions?

i) Drink lots of water and fluid

ii) Expose oneself less to sunlight

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. c

Que.3). Which of the following can be considered causes of air pollution?

i) Climate change

ii) Greenhouse gas emission

iii) Heavy vehicles movement

a). Only i and ii

b). i, ii and ii

c). Only i and iii

d). Only ii and iii

Ans. b

Que.4). What is particulate matter causing air pollution called?

a). Smog

b). Soot

c). Foam

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.5). Which of the following causes minamata disease?

a). Lead

b). Mercury

c). Magnesium

d). Methyl chloride

Ans. b

Que.6). Which of the following is considered to be the major sources of CFC?

i) Refrigerants

ii) Aircraft Halon

iii) Aerosol Sprays

a). i and ii

b). i and iii

c). ii and iii

d). ii and iii

Ans. d

Que.7). What is true about AQI?

i) It informs about the color and odour in the air

ii) It can inform about the ozone levels in any area along with particulate matter

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both i and ii

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.8). Photochemical smog mainly is

a). H2O2

b). Methyl Chlorate

c). Ozone

d). Peroxyacetyl nitrate

Ans. c

Que.9). Which of the following is an example of greenhouse gas?

a). Methane

b). Carbon dioxide

c). Oxygen

d). Both a and b

Ans. d

Que.10). Which of the following is the major contributor of air pollution in iIndia as per the Indian Government?

a). Dust and Construction

b). Agricultural burning

c). Transport

d). Industries

Ans. a


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