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Top Question Answer of GK 2023

 As we know, General knowledge always helps to build a person’s confidence level high and also sharpens his thinking capacity too. As we already discussed, GK (general knowledge covers a wide range of events from the past and present, and what is likely to happen in the future.

Top Question Answer of GK 2023

No.-1. Who is considered the greatest ruler of the Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- Mughal emperor Akbar

No.-2. Who was the last emperor of the Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- bahadur shah jafar

bahadur shah jafar Reigned from 1837 to 1857. Bahadur Shah 2 is also known as Bahadur Shah Zafar . Bahadur Shah || deposed by the British and was exiled to Burma after the Indian Rebellion of 1857 . He was died in British prison in Burma in the year 1862 .

No.-3.Which war led to the establishment of Mughal Empire in India ?

Answer :- First Battle of Panipat

No.-4. Who was the founder of Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- Babur

No.-5. In which year , Quit India Movement was Started ?

Answer :- 1942

No.-6. The first battle of Panipat fought by Babur and _______ ?

Answer :- Ibrahim Lodi

No.-7. Which national revolutionary gave this slogan ” inquilab zindabad ” ?

Answer :- Maulana hasrat Mohani

No.-8. who built the first Grand trunk road in India ?

Answer :- Shershah Suri

No.-9. When did the capital of India Shift from Kolkata to New Delhi ?

Answer :- 1911

No.-10. Who was the first President of Indian National Congress ?

Answer :- Womesh Chandra Banerjee

No.-11. Which Gupta ruler got the iron pillar constructed near Qutub Minar ?

Answer :- Chandragupta ||

No.-12. Who was the first Muslim invader to attack India ?

Answer :- Muhammed bin Qasim

No.-13. Tripitaka Granth is related to which Religion ?

Answer :- Buddha

No.-14. Which British governor banned the practice of Sati ( Sati Pratha ) in India ?

Answer :- Lord William bentic

No.-15. Which book is also known as the Adi Granth of Indian Music ?

Answer :- Samveda

No.-16. Which is the oldest city of Indus Civilization discovered in India ?

answer :- harappa

No.-17.Which river is mostly described in the Early Vedic literature ?

Answer :- Indus river

No.-18. Which ruler of the Gupta period has been given the title of Kaviraj ?

Answer :- Samudragupta

No.-19. Who was the first foreign traveler to visit India ?

Answer :- Megasthenes

No.-20. Which dynasty’s reign is known as the Golden Age of India ?

Answer :- Gupta Dynasty

No.-21. Which ruler got the Sompur Mahavihara built ?

Answer :- dharmpal

No.-22.  The rulers of which dynasty got the Ellora caves constructed ?

Answer :- Rashtrakuta dynasty

No.-23. who founded the ancient Vijayanagara Empire in South India ?

nswer :- Harihar and Bukka

No.-24. Who was the greatest ruler of Vijayanagara Empire ?

Answer :- Krishnadev Rai |

No.-25. Who signed the Treaty of Bassein with the British East India Company in 1802 ?

Answer :- Bajirao ||

No.-26. Which is the largest Indian site of Indus Valley Civilization ?

Answer :- Dholavira

No.-27. Who was the Governor General of India during the Revolt of 1857 AD ?

Answer :- Lord Canning

No.-28. Which Mughal emperor was called ” Zinda Pir ” ?

Answer :- Aurangzeb

No.-29. When did Mahatma Gandhi start the ‘ Dandi March ‘ ?

Answer :- 12 March 1930

No.-30. Itai itai disease is caused by which metal ?

Answer :- Cadmium

No.-31. In Eye donation , which part of the donor’s eye is utilized ?

Answer :- Cornea

No.-32. Which Pigment gives the leaves their Green Colour ?

Answer :- Chlorophyll

No.-33. which gas is Flushed to Potato Chips Packets ?

nswer :- Nitrogen

No.-34. Which is the largest part of Alimentary Canal ?

Answer :- Small intestine

No.-35. The scientific study of Human Heart is called as ?

Answer :- Cardiology

No.-36. Who discovered the first antibiotic Penicillin ?

Answer :- Alexander Fleming

No.-37. Which instrument is used to measure the Humidity in Atmosphere ?

Answer :- Hygrometer

No.-38. Which element is symbolized by k in the Modern Periodic Table ?

Answer :- Potassium

No.-39. Which female Mosquito is Responsible for Malaria Disease ?

Answer :- Anopheles

No.-40. Name the person who Studied Plants ?

Answer :- Botanist

No.-41. Which Metal has highest Melting & boiling Point ?

Answer :- Tungsten

No.-42. Which instrument is used to locate the object located in the depth of the sea?

Answer :- SONAR

No.-43. Which toxic substance is present in Tube lights ?

Answer :- Mercury

No.-44. Which part of the human body is affected by Pneumonia disease?

Answer :- Lungs

No.-45. What is the outermost layer of Human Skin called as ?

Answer :- Epidermis

No.-46. Which are the Most Commonly Used in Chemicals in the Artificial Rain Making or Cloud Seeding ?

Answer :- Silver lodide ( Agl )

No.-47. In which part of an eye a pigment is present which is Responsible for Brown , Blue or Black eyes ?

Answer :- Iris

No.-48. Which gas Commonly known as laughing Gas ?

Answer :- Nitrous oxide

No.-49. How many layers are there in Our Earth’s Atmosphere ?

Answer :- 5 Layers

No.-50. Rusting of iron is an example of which type of reaction ?

Answer :- Chemical Reaction

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