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Who was the saint of Maharashtra?


Who was the saint of Maharashtra?

Who was the saint of Maharashtra?

No:1. Saint Jnanadev, one of the most prominent figures of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra was born in 1271 AD.

No:2. Vittalpanth was the name of his father. Jnanadev inherited a pious and spiritual mind from his father.

No:3. Saint Jnanadev started taking interest in spiritual and religious ideas and thoughts from an early age.

No:4. He penned a commentary on the ‘Bhagwad Gita’ under the title of ‘Bhavartha Dipika’.

No:5. This commentary became a great source of spiritualism and religious fervour in Maharashtra during the Bhakti Movement.

No:6. Bhavartha Dipika is popularly known as ‘Jnaneshwari’ after the name of its writer.

No:7. Jnanadev started preaching his religious ideas and sermons in Marathi, the popular and common men language in Maharashtra to make his ideas accessible and comprehensible among masses.

No:8. He earned great respect and acceptance among people that he became immensely popular as ‘the incarnation of Lord Krishna’.

No:9. He died in October 1296 at Alandi.

Some Important Points

No:1. Saint Jnanadev was elected the President at a Sanskrit scholars assembly in Varanasi.

No:2. He was contemporary of Saint Namdev, another great saint of Bhakti Movement.

No:3. According to M.G. Ranade, “Jnaneshwar’s influence has been greater than that of any other Maratha Sadhu (Saint) except Tukaram. Jnaneshwar appeals to the pantheistic tendencies of our people’s intellect”.

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