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Behramji Malabari UPSC Notes for Indian Poet & Social Reformer


Behramji Malabari  UPSC Notes for Indian Poet & Social Reformer

Behramji Malabari : UPSC Notes for Indian Poet & Social Reformer

Behramji Malabari was a prominent social reformer of modern India. He was born on May 18,1853 in Baroda (at present Vadodara). After losing his father at an early age his mother along with him settled in Surat. A generous and noble Parsi Merwanji Malabari arranged Behramji's education and largely brought him up after his father's death. Later Behramji adopted name Malabari as a recognition of his great and noble help.

Being blessed with a curious and intellectual mind Behramji started taking interest in journalism and literature at a very young age. He composed and produced a collection of poems in Gujarati in 1875 with the title of Nitivinod (Pleasure of Morality). His literary work 'The Indian Muse In English Garb' in 1877 fetched him praise and appreciation from Alfred Tennyson, a great and eminent English poet of that time.

He made relentless efforts to uplift the miserable and pitiable conditions of his fellow countrymen. He wanted to bring positive changes in the Indian society by eradicating many social evils like child marriage, illiteracy etc. Being a crusader of women empowerment, he strongly advocated widow remarriage system. He wrote many articles in papers to denounce social evils like child marriage, illiteracy etc. and tried to create awareness among Indians against these evils. It was his tremendous efforts that the Age of Consent Act 1891 got passed to stop child marriage in legal way. After serving society and country as a reformer for many decades, he died in 1912 in Simla.

Some Important Points

No:1. Behramji Malabari was felicitated with Kaiser-e-Hind gold medal in 1900 AD for his immense services in social reforms.

No:2. 'The Indian Eye On English Life' and 'Gujarat and the Gujaratis' were great literary works by Behramji Malabari.

No:3. Being a top journalist of that time, he served 'The East and Wesť paper as an editor.

No:4. In 1880 he acquired the Indian Spectator paper and edited it for 20 years. Later the Indian Spectator got merged in The Voice of India.

No:5. Behramji founded Seva Sadan in 1885 AD with an objective to fight against social evils in a more organised and effective way.

No:6. He wrote An Appeal From The Daughters of India in 1890 calling for end of child marriage evil from society with their support. He again launched vitriolic onslaught on child marriage and forced widowhood in his treatise Notes on Infant Marriage and Enforced Widowhood.

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