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Important Days in May of India and World's


Important Days in May of India and World's

Important Days in May of India and World's

No:1. Here you can find the complete list of National and International important days held in May month and festivals in India all over the world in the year 2020 such as International Labour Day.

No:2. This GK will very helpful to you for the upcoming competitive exams and will increase your intelligence skills.

Here is The List

First Sunday of May every year : World Laughter Day

No:1. May 1 : International Workers' Day

No:2. May 1 : International Labour Day

No:3. May 1 : May Day

No:4. May 3 : World Press Freedom Day

No:5. May 3 : International Energy Day

No:6. May 4 : Remembrance of the Dead

No:7. May 4 : Star Wars Day

No:8. May 4 : Greenery Day

No:9. May 4 : Coal Miners Day

No:10. May 5 : International Midwives' Day

No:11. May 6 : International No Diet Day

No:12. May 8 : Victory in Europe Day

No:13. May 8 : World Red Cross Day

No:14. May 11 : Military Spouse Day

No:15. May 11 : National Technology Day

No:16. May 12 : International Nurses Day

No:17. May 15 : International Family Day

No:18. May 17 : International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

No:19. May 17 : World Information Society Day

No:20. May 17 : World Telecommunication Day

No:21. May 21 : World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

No:22. May 22 : International Day for Biological Diversity

No:23. May 23 : World Turtle Day

No:24. May 24 : Commonwealth Day

No:25. May 25 : African Liberation Day

No:26. May 25 : World Multiple Sclerosis Day

No:27. May 25 : International Missing Children's Day

No:28. May 25 : Towel Day

No:29. May 25 : Geek Pride Day

No:20. May 28 : Menstrual Hygiene Day

No:31. May 29 : International Day of United Nations Peace Keepers

No:32. May 31 : World No Tobacco Day

No:33. Last Monday of May : Memorial Day

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