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Jyotiba Phule Short Note or Essay in English


Jyotiba Phule Short Note or Essay in English

Jyotiba Phule Short Note or Essay in English

Jyotirao Govindrao Phule was a luminary figure of the social reform movement in 19th century in Maharashtra. Jyotiba was born in Satara district on 11 April 1827 AD at the home of a vegetable seller named Govindrao. His family belonged to the Mali caste which was considered the lower caste and untouchables in the then Hindu social structure. Jyotiba’s family earned the name of Phule for their work as florists.

Jyotirao got admission to the Scottish Mission’s school in Poona (now Pune) in 1841. Thomas Paine’s book ‘Rights of Man’ gave him immense inspiration for social reforms in Indian society. Jyotirao was very disappointed with the discrimination and exploitation of his fellow countrymen on the basis of caste and gender. He firmly believed that illiteracy was the root cause of all evils in society. He along with his wife Savitribai Phule opened a school for girls in 1848 AD to uplift the women in the society. He opened many schools in other parts of Maharashtra to ensure education for women and weaker sections of society. He also founded an orphanage in 1854. Being a social reformer, Jyotiba denounced the caste system, illiteracy, women's oppression and other evils in the society. He tried to spread awareness among people against these evils. After lifelong services to society, he passed away on November 28, 1890 AD.

Some More Important Points

No:1. It was Jyotiba Phule who prepared a solid foundation for the movement of upliftment of depressed and weaker sections of society. He initiated the movement against the Upper caste oppression.

No:2. Jyotiba Phule launched the Satya Shodhak Samaj, a powerful non-Brahmin Lower caste movement in 1873 AD.

No:3. The title of Satya Shodhak Samaj carries the meaning of ‘Society of seekers of Truth’. It was aimed at securing social justice, equality and the right to graceful life for the depressed sections of the society.

No:4. Jyotiba Phule wrote a famous book on social Justice named ‘Gulamgiri’. In this treatise he criticized the exploitation of the lower castes and its repercussions on society.

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