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Abul Fazal Short Note or Essay in English


Abul Fazal Short Note or Essay in English

Abul Fazal Short Note or Essay in English

Abu'l-Fazl was a prominent litterateur, commander and administrator of the Mughal empire during emperor Akbar’s reign. Abul Fazal was born in 1551 AD in Agra (Now in Uttar Pradesh). Shaikh Mubarak was his father. He joined the Mughal administration as a Mansabdar of 20 during emperor Akbar’s reign. He achieved the prestigious rank of 5000 mansabs with his ability, dedication and great administrative skills. Abul served on many high and significant posts like the Principal Secretary of Akbar, Governor of Khandesh etc.

He displayed his great literary skills also. He was a great scholar of the Persian language. Abul Fazal was equally blessed with immense knowledge of history, literature, philosophy etc. He was also a man of liberal ideas with respect to all religions and faiths. Abul Fazal was one of those influential figures who played a key role in shaping Akbar’s views as a liberal, broad and secular one. He was very close to Akbar’s heart. Akbar mourned his death for many days when he was killed by Bir Singh Bundela in 1602 AD at the instigation and behest of Prince Salim who later ascended the Mughal throne as Jahangir.

Some Important Points

No:1. Abul Fazal’s elder brother Shaikh Abul Faizi was one of the nine gems (Navratnas) of emperor Akbar’s royal court like Abul Fazal himself.

No:2. Abu'l-Fazl earned huge fame as the author of ‘Akbarnama’, a great book originally written in Persian language.

No:3. Akbarnama describes the history of Akbar’s reign in three volumes. Its third volume is popularly known as Ain-i-Akbari.

No:4. Ain-i-Akbari is the report and detailed study of emperor Akbar’s administration.

No:5. His collection of letters to Mughal Princes and others is also a literary work by him known as ‘Ruqa’at’.

No:6. Abul Fazal also accepted Din-I Ilahi religion propounded by emperor Akbar.

No:7. Abu'l-Fazl gave details of many rituals and religious practices of Din-i-Ilahi in his Akbarnama. He described ‘Allahu Akbar’ as a greeting custom and ‘JallaJalaluhu’ as a response to it in Din -i-Ilahi religion.

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