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MPPSC Assistant Registrar Question Papers


 Today  in this post we share about the information of Haryana S.S.C. Police Sub-Inspector Exam,haryana police Question Paper,mppsc scientific officer question paper,mppsc  mains question paper.I hope this facts is helpful for all.(Held on 19-8-2018) General Studies Paper-I in PDF Format. So, you can download MPPSC Assistant Registrar Previous Year Question Papers for better preparation of MPPSC Assistant Registrar Exam 2018.

 No.-1. What is nature of the components of the Environment?

(a) Static and fixed

(b) Mutually exclusive to each other

(c) Interdependent to each other

(d) Completely visible and tangible

No.-2. What of the following does the Environment provide for human development?

(a) Material, energy and congenial conditions

(b) Free space for dumping garbage

(c) Medium of transport and communication

(d) All of these

No.-3. Which of the following is not a natural hazard?

(a) Cyclone

(b) Flood

(c) Volcanism

(d) Industrial Accident

No.-5. Who of the following famous and noble personalities was not born in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Shankar Dayal Sharma

(b) Keshavdas

(c) Rani Laxmi Bai

(d) J.5. Verma

No.-6. Who among the environmentalists chipko movement Himalayas?

(a) Sunder Lal Bahugun

(b) Rajendra Singh

(c) Smt. Radha Behn

(d) Medha Patkar

No.-7. In which year forms the Environmental Protection Act in India?

(a) 1975

(b) 1986

(c) 1985

(d) 1976

No.-8. Which among the following Tiger project are situated in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Ranthambhore Tiger Project

(b) Pench Tiger Project

(c) Manas Tiger Project

(d) Buxa Tiger Project

No.-9. Which of the following component are made the cultural Environment?

(a) Economic component

(b) Social component

(c) Political component

(d) All of these

No.-10. Biodiversity hotspots found in India is:

(a) Western Ghat

(b) North-East-India

(c) Himalaya

(d) All of these

No.-11. Which of the following is the social Pollution?

(a) Social and Educational Backwardness

(b) Poorness

(c) Population Explosion

(d) All of these

No.-12. SA V ANNA BlOME located on both side of the equator is :

(a) 10° to 20° latitudes

(b) 20° to 30° latitudes

(c) 5° to lO"latitudes

(d) 0° to 10° latitudes

No.-13. The Percentage of Nitrogen gase in the atmosphere is :

(a) 7884

(b) 2047

(c) 87.84

(d) 4.934

No.-14. Where organize the first world climate summit ?

(a) Jineva

(b) Tokyo

(c) New York

(d) Delhi

No.-15. What is the source of energy in Ecosystem?

(a) Solar radiation

(b) Cosmic radiation

(c) Geothermal energy

(d) All of these

No.-16. George Saundersswas recently in news because :

(a) He won 2017-Noble prize for the literature

(b) He was chosen as the director of UNESCO

(c) He won Man Booker Prize of 2017

(d) He was chosen as the director of WHO

No.-17. Shri Raghunath Mohapatra, a nominated member of Rajya Sabha is a prominent :

(a) Sand Artist

(b) Sculptor

(c) Odissi Dancer

(d) Odissi Poet

No.-18. 'The Coalition Years' is the auto- biography of :

(a) Mr. Lalkrishna Advani

(b) Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

(c) Dr. Manmohan Singh

(d) Mr. Pranav Mukharji

No.-19. Shri Dalbeer Bhandari is related to which field?

(a) Judiciary

(b) Sports

(c) Medical Science

(d) Banking Sector

No.-20. Recently, which port is handed over to China by Shri Lanka ?

(a) Chabahar

(b) Colambo

(c) Galle

(d) Handantota

No.-21. Which of the following statements about Electoral Bond scheme is incorrect?

(a) The objective of the scheme is to make political funding transparent

(b) The RBI has been authorised to issue the Electoral bond

(c) The first issue of the scheme was opened in March 2018

(d) Any citizen of India can purchase Electoral Bond

No.-22. The Film, which won the Best Film Award in Oscar-2018 (90th Academy Award)

(a) The Shape of the Water

(b) Darkest Hour

(c) Moon light

(d) La La Land

No.-25. Who is the recipient of the 65th Dada Saheb Phalke' Award?

(a) Vinod Khanna

(b) Manoj Kumar

(c) K. Vishvanath

(d) Shashi Kapoor

No.-26. Why the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was in news recently?

(a) JAXA sent two Japanese in the Space

(b) It launched two hundred satellites in a single flight

(c) It successfully launched world's heaviest satellite in the space

(d) It launched world's smallest satellite carrying rocket

No.-27. From which of the following districts did Prime Minister launch ational utrition Mission?

(a) Jhabua

(b) Jalandhar

(c) Jhunjhunu

(d) Jabalpur

No.-28. How many Women Judges are there in the Supreme Court of India?

(a) Two

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Five

No.-29.. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Shabha ?

(a) P. J. Kurien

(b) B. K. Hariprasad

(c) Najma Heptulla

(d) Harivansh Narayan Singh

No.-30. The water dispute between Chhattisgarh and Odisha is related to which river?

(a) Mahanadi

(b) Godavari

(c) Subarnarekha

(d) Baitarani

No.-31. The Indus site which is not situated in Kutch region :

(a) Dholavira

(b) Lothal

(c) Desalpur

(d) Surkotada

No.-33. The most important source to understand the Municipal Administrative System of the city of Patliputra during Mauryan period is :

(a) Mudrarakshasa

(b) Indica

(c) Ashokan Inscriptions

(d) Arthashastra

No.-35. The first Inscription evidence of 'Sati tradition' is found in :

(a) Pryaga Prashasti

(b) Udaigiri Inscription

(c) Devpara Inscription

(d) Eran Inscript'ion

No.-36. The Kitab-ul-Hind is written in :

(a) Urdu Language

(b) Persian Language

(c) Arabic Language

(d) Turkish Language

No.-37. The Army Commanders, who were also the feudal heads in the Vijaynagar Empire, were known as :

(a) Bodigai

(b) Amar Nayak

(c) Mantrin

(d) Pradhan

No.-39. Who among the following is a Saint of Sagun tradition?

(a) Dadudayal

(b) Sundardas

(c) Shankardev

(d) Nanak

No.-42. The British Conservative Leader, who termed the Revolution of 1857 as the 'National Revolt' :

(a) Lord Canning

(b) Gladstone

(c) Benjamin Disraeli

(d) Winston Churchill

No.-43. 'Indian Association' was formed by :

(a) Anand Mohan Bose and Surendra Nath Banerji

(b) Dadabhai Naoroji

(c) Arvind Ghosh

(d) Shyamji Krishan Verma

No.-44. In the history of Indian Freedom Struggle, Dr. Usha Mehta is famous for :

(a) Her firebrand approach to wards women-issues

(b) The Valor, which she showed as the Captain of Rani Laxmi Bai brigade of Azad Hind Army

(c) Her selfless services which she provided as a doctor in Vardha Ashram of Gandhi ji

(d) Her courage to set-up a secrete radio station during the Quit India Movement

No.-45. Why the JVP Committee was constituted by the Congress in 1948 ?

(a) To examine the refugee problem

(b) To give recommendation on Dhar Commission report

(c) To inquire the mysterious death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

(d) To review the economic condition of the nation

No.-46. Which among the following dates would be the shortest day in Australia?

(a) 21 June

(b) 23 September

(c) 22 December

(d) 21 March

No.-47. What is approximate difference in local times between extreme eastern and extreme western borders of India?

(a) No difference

(b) One hour

(c) Two hours

(d) Three hours

No.-48. Which of the following types of forest cover the largest area in India?

(a) Tropical moist deciduous forests

(b) Tropical dry deciduous forests

(c) Tropical wet semi-evergreen forests

(d) Tropical dry evergreen forests

No.-49. Which of the following states has highest production of tobacco in 2014-15 ?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Gujarat

(d) Andhra Pradesh

No.-50. Which of the following is not correct pair of crop and first ranking producing state in 2015-16 ?

(a) Wheat: Uttar Pradesh

(b) Cotton: Gujarat

(c) Coconut: Tamil Nadu

(d) Soyabean: Maharashtra

No.-51. In which group of the following, the location of steel plants from East to West is correct?

(a) Jamshedpur-Rourkela-Durgapur-Bhilai

(b) Bhilai-Rourkela-Durgapur-Jamshedpur

(c) Durgapur-Jamshedpur-Rourkela-Bhilai

(d) Durgapur-Rourkela-Bhilai-Jamshedpur

No.-52. Which one of the following countries is the largest exporter of crude petroleum in 2017?

(a) United States of America

(b) Saudi Arabia

(c) Russian Federation

(d) Iraq

No.-53. Because of the construction of which canal of the following, shipping distance between London and Mumbai declined drastically after 1869 ?

(a) Kiel canal

(b) Panama canal

(c) Grand canal

(d) Suez canal

No.-54. In which state of India kolar gold mine is located?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Karnataka

(c) Jharkhand

(d) Odisha

No.-55. According to the 2011 census decadal growth rate of population in India was?

(a) 20.21%

(b) 17.64%

(c) 18.32%

(d) 21.25%

No.-56. Bushman's are generally found in ?

(a) Kalahari desert

(b) Australian desert

(c) Thar desert

(d) Central Asian desert

No.-57. Which of the following mountains of India is considered as the oldest?

(a) Himalayas

(b) Vindhyans

(c) Aravalis

(d) Satpuras

No.-58. The 'Greatrn Barrier Reef' is located on Ocean coast of ?

(a) Eastern coast of Japan

(b) North-Eastern coast of Australia

(c) Western coast of South Africa

(d) Peru coast

No.-59. Inside the earth, temperature goes on increasing at the rate of 1°C for?

(a) Every 32 meters

(b) Every 36 meters

(c) Every 30 meters

(d) Every 28 meters

No.-60. Where is the 'Sargasso sea' situated?

(a) North Pacific Ocean

(b) Indian Ocean

(c) North Atlantic Ocean

(d) Asia Continent

No.-61. Which one of the provisions in the Constitution of India makes special provision with respect to the State of Assam ?

(a) Article 371A

(b) Article 371B

(c) Article 371C

(d) Article 371D

No.-62. Under which article of the Constitution of India Governor has power to promulgate Ordinances during recess of legislature?

(a) Article 15

(b) Article 156

(c) Article 212

(d) Article 213

No.-63. In which year, office of the Parliamentary Secretary was created first time in independent India?

(a) 1951

(b) 1957

(c) 1952

(d) 1962

No.-64. Which one of the following landmark judgments is not correctly matched?

(a) Indira Sahni -1993

(b) Gopalan -1950

(c) Minerva Mills -1981

(d) Keshavanand Bharti -1973

No.-65. The need for giving constitutional sanction to village panchayats was first felt by :

(a) Balwantrai Mehta Committee (1957)

(b) Ashok Mehta committee (1977)

(c) G.V.K. Rao Committee (1985)

(d) L.M. Singhavi Committee (1986)

No.-67. The question asked orally after the Question Hour in the House is called :

(a) Supplementary Question

(b) Short-notice Question

(c) Starred Question

(d) Unstarred Question

No.-68. Which one of the following is not included in the definition of Public Autority under the Right to Information Act, 2007 ?

(a) Any authority /body established/ constituted under the Constitution

(b) Civil society organizations

(c) Any Authority/body established / constituted by notification of appropriate government

(d) Any authority/body established/ constituted under parliamentary law

No.-69. The idea of Good Governance was stressed in World Bank Report of :

(a) 1990

(b) 1992

(c) 1998

(d) 1999

No.-70. In which year, India started celebrating Civil Service Day?

(a) 2004

(b) 2006

(c) 2008

(d) 2012

No.-71. Which one of the following is not a member of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?

(a) Iran

(b) Iraq

(c) United Arab Emirate (UAE)

(d) Malaysia

No.-72. Article 280 of the Constitution of India deals with :

(a) Finance Commission

(b) Information Commission

(c) Election Commission

(d) Public Service Commission

No.-73. Which one of the following is not a function of a commercial bank?

(a) Issuing currency

(b) Credit creation

(c) Issuing traveler's cheque

(d) None of these

No.-74. In which year, the first new industrial policy was declared in India?

(a) April 1948

(b) April 1949

(c) April 1955

(d) April 1980

No.-75. When was Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDB!) established?

(a) 1990

(b) 2000

(c) 1995

(d) 2005

 No.-76. Who won the 2018 Wimbledon Women Singles Championship?

(a) Serena Williams

(b) Angelique Kerber

(c) Katerina Siniakova

(d) Barora Krejcikova

No.-77. When was the first sports policy was declared by Madhya Pradesh Government?

(a) 1983

(b) 1989

(c) 1985

(d) 1990

No.-78. In which year Sports Authority of India was established?

(a) 1980

(b) 1985

(c) 1981

(d) 1982

No.-79. 'Expedite System' which game ?

(a) Table Tennis

(b) Tennis

(c) Squash

(d) Badminton is related to

No.-80. In which year first Winter Olympics were held?

(a) 1924

(b) 1928

(c) 1920

(d) 1916

No.-81. Headquarter of International Olympic Committee is Situated at :

(a) Paris

(b) Athens

(c) London

(d) Lausanne

No.-82. Karam Mallensuri Won Bronze Medal in which of the following Olympics?

(a) Athens, 2004

(b) Bejing, 2008

(c) Sydeny, 2000

(d) London, 2012

No.-83. In which individual game India won the first Bronze medal in Olympics?

(a) Archery

(b) Wrestling

(c) Badminton

(d) Shooting

No.-84. The summer Olympics of 2028 will be organized at :

(a) Paris

(b) Los Angeles

(c) Tokyo

(d) Moscow

No.-85. 'Thomas Cup' is related to which game?

(a) Basketball

(b) Volleyball

(c) Football

(d) Badminton

No.-86. Who among the following discovered the caves of Bhimbetka?

(a) M. K. Dhavalikar

(b) V.5. Wakankar

(c) D. R. Bhandarkar

(d) H.D. Sankalia

No.-87. Which of the following is not a Cha1colithic site of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Kaytha

(b) Navadatoli

(c) Eran

(d) Jorwe

No.-89. The ruler who does not belong to Chandel dynasty ?

(a) Vakpati

(b) Yashovarman

(c) Vijaypal

(d) Devpal

No.-91. Which is not correctly matched?

(a) Khajuraho Dance Festival- 2017 - Khajuraho

(b) Malwa Utsav-2018 - Indore

(c) Tansen Samaroh-2017 Gwalior

(d) Lokrang Samaroh-2018 - Jabalpur

No.-92. The district, which is not related to Bhagoria Tribal Festival-

(a) Jhabua

(b) Gwalior

(c) Dhar

(d) Khargone

No.-93. Which of the following is not a Tiger Reserve?

(a) Sanjay-Dubri National Park

(b) Satpura National Park

(c) Kanha National Park

(d) Madhav National Park

No.-94. The largest coal region of Madhya Pradesh is :

(a) Singarouli

(b) Sohagapur

(c) Koraba

(d) Umariya

No.-95. District, which has the maximum tribal population?

(a). Shahadole

(b) Mandala

(c) Balaghat

(d) Jhabua

No.-96. Chatkora dance is the folk dance of which tribe of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Bhil

(b) Korku

(c) Saharia

(d) Gond

No.-97. Tapti river originates from which district of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Betual

(b) Balaghat

(c) Chhindwara

(d) Hoshangabad

No.-100. In which district of Madhya Pradesh Kapil Dhara water fall is located?

(a) Rewa

(b) Shahadole

(c) Anuppur

(d) Harda

No.-101. Of the following mountain ranges, Which on lies between two major rivers of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Vindhyanchal

(b) Satpuda

(c) Kaimur

(d) Bhander

No.-102. Which is the largest drainage system of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Ganga-Yamuna drainage system

(b) Narmada drainage system

(c) Tapti drainage system

(d) Godavari drainage system

No.-103. Which of the following is the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh in area?

(a) Satpura National Park

(b) Bandhogarh National Park

(c) Kanha National Park

(d) Sanjay National Park

No.-104. Which group of monuments, listed by UNESCO as world heritage, in Madhya Pradesh was built by the Chandela rulers?

(a) Maheshwar

(b) Orchha

(c) Sanchi

(d) Khajuraho

No.-105. Which are the.Jollowing river valley is considered as Rift valley?

(a) Chambal Valley

(b) Narmada Valley

(c) Mahanadi Valley

(d) Krishna Valley

No.-106. Which among the following has not been the acting Governor of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Justice N.D. Ojha

(b) Justice P.V. Dixit

(c) Justice G.D. Dixit

(d) Justice G.P. Singh

No.-107. Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh have sex ratio of more than 1000 ?

(a) Balaghat, Alirajpur, Mandla, Anuppur

(b) Dindori, Mandala, Balaghat, Alirajpur

(c) Dindori, Alirajpur, Shadel, Balaghat

(d) Mandala, Dindori, Alirajpur, Burhanpur

No.-108. Mukhyamantry Aavas Yojana in Madhya Pradesh was implemented frorri :

(a) August 2006

(b) August 2007

(c) August 2008

(d) August 2009

No.-109. What is the budget provISiOn for Crop Insurance Scheme in Madhya Pradesh State Budget, 2017-18 ?

(a) Rs. 40 Crores

(b) Rs. 50 Crores

(c) Rs. 60 Crores

(d) Rs. 70 Crores

No.-110. Which one of the following organizations is extending financial support for Tejaswini Rural Employment Programme in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) IMF

(b) IFC

(c) IFAD

(d) lIMA

No.-111. How many service providing departments have been covered under recently started Sarnadhan Ek Din Tatkal Seva in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) 13

(b) 14

(c) 15

(d) 16

No.-112. Which one of the following facts is not correct in relation to eligibility conditions laid down for Kushabhau Thakre Contributory Pension Scheme, 2008?

(a) All BPL Card holders (21-40 Years)

(b) Families with annual income of fifty thousand

(c) Property holders upto ten lakhs in urban areas

(d) Agricultural land holders upto five acres in rural areas

No.-113. Which one of the following districts in Madhya Pradesh has highest literacy rate?

(a) Khandwa

(b) Indore

(c) Rewa

(d) Bhind

No.-114. What is the approx share of Agriculture in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India?

(a) 14%

(b) 10%

(c) 25%

(d) 35%

No.-115. The principles concerning the provisions of the grants-in-aid to the States out of the Consolidated Fund of India are recommended by the :

(a) NITI Ayog

(b) Administrative Commission

(c) Finance Commission

(d) Public Accounts Committee

No.-116. Which one of the following is not an indicator of Human Development Index (HDI) ?

(a) Life expectancy

(b) Knowledge

(c) Better living standard

(d) National Income

No.-117. Which of the following periods is known as first Green Revolution period in India?

(a) 1951-1953

(b) 1966-1969

(c) 1975-1978

(d) 1981-1983

No.-118. Which one of the following was the main objective of 12th Five Year Plan ?

(a) Inclusive growth

(b) Increase in per capita GDP

(c) Self-reliant and self-generated economy

(d) Poverty eradication and achievement of self-reliance

No.-119. Which one of the following is the smallest district in terms of population in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Khandawa

(b) Indore

(c) Harda

(d) Khargon

No.-120. What was the percentage of growth rate of Madhya Pradesh's Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) during the year 2011-12 to 2015-16 ?

(a) 11-09

(b) 15.09

(c) 16.09

(d) 17.09

No.-121. The missing number in 1, 1, 4, 8,9, ?, 16, 64 is :

(a) 27

(b) 23

(c) 21

(d) 20

No.-122. The next term of the following is :


(a) QPSR

(b) SRQP

(c) PRQS

(d) RSQP

No.-123. Find the missing alphabets in the following : a_bc_a_bcda_ccd_bcd

(a) abdbdb

(b) acbdbb

(c) adbbad

(d) bbbbbb

No.-125. If CLERK in any code language is coded as AHYJA, then JOB will be coded as :

(a) HKW

(b) HKV

(c) HKU

(d) None of these

No.-126. If in a code language 157 means 'mother always lovable', 619 mean 'always happy future' and 952 means 'mother very happy', then what does the word 'future' stand for in the same language?

(a) 9

(b) 6

(c) 1

(d) 5

No.-127. If x means 7, - means x, 7 means + and + means -, then (3 -15719) x 8 + 6 =?

(a) 8

(b) 4

(c) 2

(d) -1

No.-128. Find the missing term in the following :

(a) de

(b) gi

(c) ml

(d) tu

No.-129. Find the odd term :

(a) Green

(b) Violet

(c) Brown

(d) Yellow

No.-131. If the time in the clock is 4 : 46, then what is the mirror image of it?

(a) 7: 14

(b) 9: 17

(c) 8: 16

(d) 10: 18

No.-132. Ravi traveled 4 km straight towards south, then he turned left and traveled 6 km straight, again he turned right and traveled 4 km straight. How far is he from the starting point?

(a) 8 km

(b) 10 km

(c) 12 km

(d) 18 km

No.-133. 'Hour' is related to 'Second' in the same way as 'Tertiary' is related to- 141.

(a) Ordinary

(b) Secondary

(c) Primary

(d) Intermediary

No.-134. If 'A + B' means 'A is father of B', 'A-B' means 'A is wife of B', 142. 'A x B' means 'A is brother of B', 'A -i- B' means' A is daughter of B', then which of the following is true for equation P xR-;.-Q?

(a) P is uncle of Q

(b) P is father of Q

(c) P is brother of Q

(d) P is son of Q

No.-135. Choose that number which does not belong to the following group :

(a) 43

(b) 53

(c) 63

(d) 73

No.-136. Which web browser was the first web browser from the 144. following?

(a) Mosaic

(b) Opera

(c) Safari

(d) MSIE

No.-137. Every web page that is displayed on the internet has a specific address associated with it. This address is known as :

(a) Uniform Research Limited

(b) Uniform Resource Locator

(c) Uniline Resource Lab

(d) Uniform Research Locator

No.-138. The Speed of the internet is measured in the number of :

(a) Bit transferred per unit time

(b) Byte transferred per unit time

(c) Bit transferred per square unit time

(d) one of these

No.-139. Which of the following web site is not academic?

(a) www.ignou.ac.in

(b) www.finance.org.in

(c) www.ugc.ac.in

(d) None of these

No.-140. Which of the following is not a search engine?

(a) www.google.com

(b) www.webopedia.com

(c) www.highereducationmp.org

(d) www.yahoo.com

No.-141. Which of the following is a chat engine?

(a) Coogle Bol

(b) Yahoo Talk

(c) Rediff Messenger

(d) None of these

No.-142. At the time of composing any e-mail, we have three options-To, CC and BCe. What is the meaning of BCC here?

(a) Blind carbon copy

(b) Blind copy carbon

(c) Blind compose copy

(d) Blind copy compose

No.-143. At the time of downloading from the internet, some files may be in compressed form having extension :

(a) .zip

(b) .tar

(c) .rar

(d) All of these

No.-144. National organization working in the area of computers and communication technology is :

(a) National Informatics Centre

(b) National Association of Software and Services Companies

(c) Department of Information Technology

(d) All of these

No.-145. Video conferencing is done through :

(a) Telephone Network

(b) IP Network

(c) TV

(d) None of these

No.-146. Which of the following technologies provide high speed data communication over wireless network?

(a) Wireless LAN

(b) Wifi

(c) Wimax

(d) All of these

No.-147. Learning online through internet is also known as-

(a) E-teaching

(b) Chatting

(c) E-Iearning

(d) Video Conferencing

No.-148. Which of the following is a telecommunication device?

(a) Telephone

(b) Telegraph

(c) Computer with Internet

(d) All of these

No.-149. Which of the following is a video compression technology?

(a) MPEC

(b) NPEC

(c) LPEC

(d) OPEC

No.-150. Which of the following is internet service provider in India?

(a) VSNL

(b) BSNL

(c) Airtel

(d) All of these


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