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Important days in november


Today in this post we share about the information important days in december,facts about november, november special day in india. November is the second last or eleventh month of the year and consists of various important days that are celebrated and observed nationally and internationally. Several competitive exams are held by UPSC, SSC, Banking sectors and Railway Departments, such questions related to dates and events are asked in the General Knowledge/Awareness section. The applicants should go through all the dates of November 2021 along with their significance for more knowledge.

 Following is the list of Important Days in November 2022 along with the Events.

No.-1.1st Tuesday in November : Melbourne Cup Day

No.-2.November 1 : World Vegan Day

No.-3.November 1 : All Saints' Day

No.-4.November 2 : All Souls' Day

No.-5.November 5 : Bonfire Night (also Guy Fawkes Night)

No.-6.November 7 : Infant Protection Day

No.-7.November 7 : World Cancer Awareness Day

No.-8.November 8 : Intersex Day of Remembrance

No.-9.November 9 : Iqbal Day

No.-10.November 9 : Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas/ Legal Services Day

No.-11.November 10 : Transport Day

No.-12.November 11 : Armistice Day (also Remembrance Day)

No.-13.November 11 : Veterans Day (United States)

No.-14.November 12 : World Pneumonia Day

No.-15.November 13 : World Kindness Day

No.-16.November 14 : World Diabetes Day

No.-17.November 14 : Children's Day (some countries)

No.-18.November 17 : World Prematurity Day

No.-19.November 17 : Guru Nanak Dev's Birth Anniversary

No.-20.November 19 : International Men's Day

No.-21.November 19 : World Toilet Day

No.-22.November 19 : Citizen's Day

No.-23.November 20 : Universal Children's Day

No.-24.November 20 : Transgender Day of Remembrance

No.-25.November 21 : World Television Day

No.-26.November 25 : International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

No.-27.November 26 : Law Day (India)

No.-28.November 30 (Scotland) : Saint Andrew's Day

No.-29.November 30 : Cities for Life Day

No.-30.November 30 : Flag Day

No.-31.Fourth Thursday of November : Thanksgiving (United States)








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