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Chanakya niti PDF book Download


Chanakya niti PDF book Download

Chanakya niti PDF book Download

No:1. Chanakya also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta was an most popular ancient economist, philosopher, teacher, advisor and he is also a best known author of Arthashastra.

No:2. Arthashastra is the oldest Indian political treatise that covers statecraft, economic policy and military strategy.

No:3. The word arthashastra derived from the sanskrit word Artha means aim or goal and shastra means treaties or book.

Chanakya niti pdf download

No:1. Chanayka was the prime minister in the reign of King Chandragupta maurya or we can also say that kautilya guided Chandragupta to take the throne from Dhananand.

No:2. Actually, the revenge begins when Dhananad makes fun of chanakya advice then chanakya decides to take revenge and prepare chandragupt to banish his empire and then Mauryan empire rises.

No:3. Arthashastra was written for the purpose of guiding the younger chandragupta on how to rule techniques.

About chanakya niti pdf

No:1. Book Name –chanakya neeti pdf download

No:2. Author Name- Acharya chanakya

No:3. Format- PDF

No:4. Size-  mb

No:5. Pages- 379

No:6. Language- English and Hindi

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