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Quiz on Tokyo Olympics: Archery

Quiz on Tokyo Olympics: Archery


Quiz on Tokyo Olympics: Archery

Solve the following questions based on archery game played at the Olympics every four years and also at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Take a look at the explanation below every question to know more about it.

Olympics 2020

Archery is one of the main events and the most interesting events at the Olympics. India has sent many archers this year. However, Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Pravin Jadhav, and Tarundeep Rai have however disappointed in their game. Take a look at these questions listed below.


Que.1). Which of the following is not a type of bow used in Archery at the Olympics?

a). Recurve

b). Compound

c). Barebow

d). All of them are used

Ans. d

Que.2). When did archery begin in the Summer Olympics?

a). 1900

b). 1922

c). 1912

d). 1984

Ans. a

Que.3). In 1904 how many matches of archery were held at the Olympics?

a). Six events

b). Seven events

c). Eight events

d). Nine events

Ans. a

Que.4). In which year at the Olympics the game of archery was not conducted?

a). 1912

b). 1908

c). 1992

d). 1988

Ans. a

Que.5). What is the minimum age to compete as an Olympic archer?

a). 18 years

b). 20 years

c). 25 years

d). None of the above

Ans. d

Que.6). In how much time (GNAS rules) the archer is supposed to shoot three arrows?

a). 2.5 minutes

b). 2 minutes

c). 1 minute

d). 10 minutes

Ans. a

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