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Quiz on Ramsar Wetland Convention 1971


Quiz on Ramsar Wetland Convention 1971

Quiz on Ramsar Wetland Convention 1971: 4 New sites from India added to the list

Ramsar Wetland Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. Here is a quiz of 10 questions based on it with explanations and answers. Four more sites from India have been recently added in the list of Important Wetlands as per the convention. Take a look.

Ramsar Wetland Convention Quiz

No:1. Latest Update: Four more sites have been recognised as wetlands of international importance by Ramsar Convention. These are situated in Haryana and Gujarat in India.  The two from Haryana are Bhindawas WildLife Sanctuary and Sultanpur National Park. The other two are from Gujarat namely  Thol Lake Wild Life Sanctuary and Wadhvana Wetland.

No:2. Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands across the world. The convention has been named after the Iranian city of Ramsar, situated on the Caspian Sea. Here the treaty was signed on February 2, 1971.

No:3. It is officially known as the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterflow Habitat and is referred to as the Convention on Wetlands most recently.

No:4. It came into force in 1975 and came into force in India on February 1, 1982. Currently, there are 42 Ramsar sites in India after the addition of the latest one from Ladakh.


Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of the Ramsar Convention.

Que.1). Wetlands International is a conservation organization. Go through the following statements in the same context

1). Only the countries which are signatories to the Ramsar Convention are a party to it.

2). It is an intergovernmental organization

3). It is an organization working at ground level to use practical knowledge for framing better policies

4). Concerning the above context which of the statements are correct?

a). Only 1

b). Only 1 and 2

c). Only 3

d). All of the above

Ans: c

Que.2). As per the latest additions to Wetlands in India, consider the following statements

1). India has added 10 more wetlands to the sites protected by Ramsar Convention

2). Nandpur has become Maharashtra’s first Ramsar Convention site

Choose the correct option

a). Statement 1 is correct

b). Statement 2 is correct

c). Both 1 and 2 are correct

d). None of the above

Ans – a

Que.3). Match the following Ramsar Convention wetlands to their geographical locations

1. Keoladeo National Park

A. Rajasthan 

2. Loktak Lake 

B. Odisha 

3. Ashtamudi Lake


4. Chilka Lake 

D. Manipur 

Choose the correct option from the following

a). 1-A 2-B 3-C 4-D

b). 1-D 2-B 3-A 4-C

c). 1-A 2-D 3-C 4-B

d). 1-B 2-D 3-A 4-C

Ans: c

Que.4). Which of the statement regarding Phumdis is correct?

1). It is a heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matters at various stages of decomposition floating over Chilka lake

2). Keibul Lamjao is the only floating national park in the world where Phumdis are found

Choose the correct option from below

a). Only 1

b). 1 and 2 both are correct

c). Neither 1 nor 2

d). Only 2

Ans: d

Que.5). India is a party to Ramsar Convention since 1971. Which of the following statement describes the maintenance of the sites in context with the convention?

a). Conservation of all the sites through ecosystem approach for a specific time period without any exploitation of the resources, then allowing sustainable use of the sites by future generations

b). Conserve all the sites through an ecosystem approach and allow their simultaneous and sustainable use

c). Keep all the sites unapproachable to humans to avoid any kind of exploitation

d). Conserve all sites and permit tourism for recreational purposes only

Ans: b

Que.6). In case a wetland is registered in the Montreux Record, it means

a). The wetland has observed some changes in its ecological character or may likely occur in the future as a consequence of human interference

b). The wetland has animals that are critically endangered

c). The wetland is given the status of a World Heritage site

d). The wetland would be given protection from human interference within 5 kilometers of its range by the Government of the State

Ans: a

Que.7). Which Wetlands of India are registered under Montreux Record?

a). Chilka Lake and Keoladeo National Park

b). Ashtmudi and Keoladeo National park

c). Loktak Lake and Chilka lake

d). Keoladeo National Park and Loktak lake

Ans: d

Que.8). The Ramsar wetlands are listed with their famous features. Identify the correct match

a). Wular Lake – two oxbow lakes merged

b). Sambhar Lake- largest inland Salt Lake of India

c). Tsomoriri- Breeding ground for black-necked crane, now in China

d). Loktak lake- Phumdis

Ans: d

Que.9). Consider the following statements for Wetlands as per Ramsar Convention 1971

1). Wetlands are geographical locations that are either seasonally or completely covered by water

2). Only natural wetlands are considered under the Ramsar Convention

3). It may also include areas of marine weather, the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six meters

Choose the correct statement out of the following

a). Only 1

b). Only 1 and 2

c). Only 1 and 3

d). 1, 2 and 3

Ans: c

Que.10). Consider the following statements about Ramsar Wetland Convention

1). World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February as Ramsar Convention took place on the same day in 1971

2). Montreux Record is a register of wetland sites on the Ramsar list, which are facing or may face challenges due to human interference

3). Nandur Madhameshwar and Keshopur- Miani are among the latest 10 wetlands from India added to the Ramsar Convention list

Choose the correct statement from above

a). Only 1 and 2

b). Only 2 and 3

c). Only 1 and 3

d). All of the above

Ans: d

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