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Quiz on Rajiv Gandhi


Quiz on Rajiv Gandhi

Quiz on Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi's Birth Anniversary is observed on August 20 every year. At the age of 40, he became the youngest Prime Minister of India. Take a look at the GK Questions and Answers about Rajiv Gandhi below.


No:1. Rajiv Gandhi's 77th Birth Anniversary is being observed on August 20th, 2021. He was the son of Indira Gandhi and the third generation of Prime Minister from the Nehru Gandhi family.

No:2. Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest Prime Minister of India after the assassination of his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi. On the 77th birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, take a look at the following questions below and try to answer each of them.


Que.1). Rajiv Gandhi was born on which of the following dates?

A). 13 August 1940

B). 16 August 1942

C). 20 August 1944

D). 28 August 1945

Ans. C

Que.2). What is the name of the house where Rajiv Gandhi spent his early childhood days?

A). Teen Murti House

B). Saran House

C). Murti Murli House

D). Sewanadan House

Ans. A

Que.3). In which school Rajiv Gandhi got admission first?

A). Elite Doon School

B). Welham Prep

C). Rose Marry School

D). None of the above

Ans. B

Que.4). In which year Rajiv Gandhi married Sonia Gandhi?

A). 1966

B). 1967

C). 1968

D). 1969

Ans. C

Que.5). Before entering into the politics what was the profession of Rajiv Gandhi?

A). Musician

B). Pilot

C). Poet

D). None of the above

Ans. B

Que.6). When did Rajiv Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India?

A). 1982

B). 1983

C). 1984

D). 1985

Ans. C

Que.7). When did Rajiv Gandhi announce a National Policy on Education (NPE)?

A). 1983

B). 1984

C). 1985

D). 1986

Ans. C

Que.8). In which year MTNL was established by the efforts of Rajiv Gandhi?

A). 1985

B). 1986

C). 1987

D). 1988

Ans. B

Que.9). When Rajiv Gandhi signed the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord with Sri Lankan President J.R Jayewardene?

A). 23 July 1986

B). 29 July 1987

C). 29 August 1987

D). 28 June 1986

Ans. B

Que.10). In which year Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated?

A). 1990

B). 1991

C). 1992

D). 1993

Ans. B

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