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Quiz on Badminton at the Tokyo Olympics


Quiz on Badminton at the Tokyo Olympics

Quiz on Badminton at the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics are taking place in Tokyo, Japan this year and India has again created history by winning a Bronze medal in the same.

Olympics Quiz Badminton

PV Sindu had reached the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She has performed brilliantly again and has got a bronze medal this year as well. She has been the star badminton player from India to win medals for the country. Take a look at the few questions of Olympics regarding the game of Badminton specially.


Que.1). Who did PV Sindu defeat in the Quarter Final of Tokyo Olympics 2020?

a). Akane Yamaguchi

b). Tai Tzu-ying

c). Chen Yufei

d). Chen Long

Ans. a

Que.2). What is the governing body for Badminton?

a). World Badminton Council

b). Olympic Council

c). Badminton World Federation

d). None of the above

Ans. c

Que.3). In which of the following years did PV Sindhu win Olympics Silver Medal in Badminton

a). 2020

b). 2016

c). 2012

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.4). Which thing is referred to as Badminton birdie?

a). Shuttlecock

b). A bird in the stadium

c). The players

d). None of the above

Ans. a

Que.5). Which player has won the most medals in Badminton at the Olympics?

a). Gao Ling

b). Fu Haifeng

c). Zhang Nan

d). PV Sindu

Ans. a

Que.6). Which country has the maximum Olympics medals till now?

a). Japan

b). China

c). South Korea

d). Denmark

Ans. b

Que.7). When did Badminton make its debut in the Olympics?

a). 1988

b). 1992

c). 1912

d). 1904

Ans. b

Que.8). How many gold medals does India have at the Olympics in Badminton?

a). 1

b). 2

c). 3

d). None

Ans. d

Que.9). In which year was Badminton played as a demonstration sport at the Olympics?

a). 1972

b). 1968

c). 1992

d). 1988

Ans. a

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