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GK Quiz on Krishna Janmashtami


GK Quiz on Krishna Janmashtami

GK Quiz on Krishna Janmashtami

Take this General Knowledge Quiz on Krishna Janmashtami here. It is a festival observed on August 30, 2021 in North India.

GK Quiz Janmashtami

Janmashtmi is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as per the mythology born to kill Kansa, the demon ruler on the Earth. Answer the following questions related to this festival below. 


Que.1). Who was the actual mother of Lord Krishna as per Hindu Mythology?

a). Yashoda

b). Devki

c). Rukmani

d). Satyabhama

Ans. b

Que.2). How was the demon ruler Kansa related to Lord Krishna?

a). He was the father of Krishna

b). He was the maternal uncle of Krishna

c). He was the brother of Krishna

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.3). Who among the following was not the wife of Lord Krishna

a). Radha

b). Rukmini

c). Satyabhama

d). Jambavati

Ans. a

Que.4). Which wife of Krishna was considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi?

a). Rukmini

b). Radha

c). Jambavati

d). Bhadra

Ans. a

Que.5). Whose incarnation is said to be Kalindi, the wife of Krishna?

a). Ganga

b). Yamuna

c). Saraswati

d). Krishna

Ans. b

Que.6). Who was the childhood friend of Krishna, who was a poor brahmin?

a). Yudhisthir

b). Balaram

c). Sudama

d). Nanda

Ans. c

Que.7). What is the Kingdom of Lord Krishna called?

a). Vrindavan

b). Mathura

c). Dwarka

d). Hastinapur

Ans. c

Que.8). What was the prophecy due to which Krishna was separated from his parents as per the mythology?

i) The only son of Kansa’s sister Yashoda would be his killer

ii) The eighth son of Devki, Kansa’s sister will kill him

iii) The only son of Kansa’s sister Devki will be his killer

a). Only i

b). Only ii

c). Both ii and iii

d). None of the above

Ans. b

Que.9). Whose side did Krishna fight from in the Mahabharata?

a). Kauravas

b). Pandavas

c). He did not fight

d). He fought independently

Ans. c

Que.10). Who was the only person to watch Mahabharata?

a). Vidur

b). Yashoda

c). Sanjay

d). Gandhari

Ans. c


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