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GK Questions and Answers on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)


GK Questions and Answers on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

GK Questions and Answers on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Belt and Road initiative is China's go to foreign policy undertaking still called as One Belt One Road initiative. Under this policy, Chinese banks and companies seek to fund and build roads, power plants, ports, railways, 5G, fiber-optic cables around the globe


The Belt and Road initiative, earlier known as China's One Belt One Road initiative, is a global development strategy adopted in 2013 by the Chinese Government. Take the GK Quiz based on BRI below


Que.1). What is the other name of BRI?

a). One Belt One Road

b). Silk Road Economic Belt

c). 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

d). All of the above

Ans. a

Que.2). When did the Chinese government adapt the Belt and Road initiative ?

a). 2011

b). 2012

c). 1991

d). 2013

Ans. d

Que.3). When is the target completion of the BRI Project?

a). 2050

b). 2049

c). 2040

d). 2030

Ans. b

Que.4). How many belts have been approved by China as a part of the Silk Road Economic Belt?

a). 3

b). 2

c). 1

d). 4

Ans. a

Que.5). The central belt of the Silk Road Economic Belt project consists of?

a). Central Asia and Russia to Europe

b). Central Asia and West Asia

c). China through Southeast Asia and South Asia

d). India and Pakistan

Ans. b

Que.6). How many countries are a part of BRI?

a). 120

b). 115

c). 124

d). 140

Ans. d

Que.7). What would not be built as a part of infrastructure in the BRI?

a). Power Plants

b). Roads

c). Churches

d). Railways

Ans. c

Que.8). Blue DOT network considered as an alternative to BRI is formed by which of the following countries?

a). USA

b). Japan

c). Australia

d). All of the above

Ans. d

Que.9). In which year was the belt and road initiative adopted in the Chinese constitution?

a). 2013

b). 2014

c). 2017

d). 2019

Ans. c

Que.10). China's belt and road initiative would pass from:

a). Rotterdam

b). Moscow

c). Djibouti

d). All of the above

Ans. d

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