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{*Latest**} Railway group d GK Question and Answer in English (Part 2)

Hello Friends today we sharing with you 2nd part of Important Railway group d gk question and answer in english. In Railway Group D General Knowledge plays important role in selection so we start One Liner GK for Railway Group D Competitive exams.
Railway Group D GK Question and Answer 2018:-
1. The maximum strength of The Upper House of The Parliament is?  
Ans. 250
2. Which gland in the Human Body is also known as Master Gland?    
Ans. Pituitary Gland
3. Milk is an example of?     
Ans. Emulsion
4. Which Canal joins the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea?  
Ans. Suez Canal
5. Name the Scientist who first proved the existence of the electromagnetic waves?     
Ans. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
6. Candela is the SI unit of which physical quantity? -      
Ans. Luminous Intensity
7. Which SI unit is used to measure the lengths corresponding to Nuclear sizes?  
Ans. Fermi(femtometre)
8. Name the principle, on which The Ships and Submarines are?
Ans. Archimedes Principle
9. Shakti Sthal is related to which famous personality?     
Ans. Indira Gandhi
10. Sonar is based on which principle?   
Ans. Echo
11. Cinnabar is the main Ore of which Metal?  
Ans. Mercury
12. Deuterium is an isotope of which metal?   
Ans. Hydrogen
13. Name the allotrope of Oxygen?       
Ans. Ozone
14. Which gas is synthesized using Haber’s Process? -      
Ans. Ammonia(NH3)
15. Name the Scientist who had invented LASER? -  
Ans. Charles H. Townes
16. What is the full form for WAN?
Ans. Wide Area Network
17. Name the Metal, Which is present in the chlorophyll?  
Ans. Magnesium
18. Guru Shikhar Peak is located in which state?     
Ans. Rajasthan
19. What is the velocity of Sound in the Air?   
Ans. 332m/sec
20. Name the metal, which is most abundant in Earth's Crust?   
Ans. Aluminium

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