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RRB ALP Technician Asked Questions with Answer 1st Shift (10 Aug 2018)

RRB ALP 10 August 2018 Solved Question Paper

Today is the 2nd day (1st Shift) of ALP & Technician Exam 2018, Questions are of moderate level same as asked in NTPC Exam 2016. Not to worry, Only focus on basic concept of maths, reasoning, need to learn basic science of class 10, current affairs are easy.

Railway ALP General Awareness on Current Affairs

RRB ALP Technician Asked Questions with Answer 1st Shift (10 Aug 2018)
In Railway ALP Exam 2018, General Awareness on current affairs questions were easy level.
General Awareness:
1. Who is the co-founder of Spice Jet Airways?——-Ajay Singh
2. Neeraj Chopra is related to which Sport?—Javelin Throw
3. Who is the Director of CAG in India?——Rajiv Mehrishi
4. Who was India’s flag bearer at Rio Olympic 2016?—-Abhinav Bindra
5. Vyati Scheme was launched by which Bank?—-Axis Bank
6. Fatehpur Sikri was built by?—Akbar
7. NATO was established in which year?—-1949
8. Who is the winner of Economics Nobel Prize 2017?—-Richard H. Thaler
9. Unnati Credit Card has been launched by? —-SBI
10. Which actress won PETA Person of the Year Award 2018?—Anushka Sharma
11. Harimau Military Exercise was held between which countries?—India & Malaysia
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General Science:
1. What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?—Ascorbic Acid
2. Which metal can be cut by knife?—-Sodium
3. Who invented Telephone?—Alexander Graham Bell
4. Chemical formula of Propane?—-C3H8
5. What is the unit of force?—Newton
6. Name the central part of Flower? —The pistil usually is located in the center of the flower and is made up of three parts: the stigma, style, and ovary.
7. 1st element of modern periodic table:—Hydrogen
8. No. of Electron in the last orbit of Hellium?—-2
9. What is the Atomic Number of Copper?—-29
10. 1 Newton is equal to how many Dyne? —-100000
11. Atoms in Ozone?—O3 three oxygen atoms
12. Mass= 0.5 Kg, Velocity = 4 M/s. Find Kinetic Energy?
13. No. of electron in outer orbit of zinc?—2
14. How Energy produced in Sun?—By Nuclear Fusion
15. Which metal is cut by knife?—Sodium

Some Other Questions are given below :-
1. Protein is made up of ?
2. How many vertebrates in human body
3. Unit of momentum ?
4. Question related to PH value & related to H+ or OH-
5. Blood fibrin is made up of?
6. Question related to Ohm law?

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