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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Complete List of Capital & Currency of EUROPEAN Countries

Complete List of Capital & Currency of EUROPEAN Countries

Today we are going to share the list of Capital & Currency of EUROPEAN Countries. This topic is very important for every competitive exam such as SSC & IBPS or any other exams.

Capital & Currency of EUROPEAN Countries

Complete List of Capital & Currency of EUROPEAN Countries
1. Finland
Capital: Helsinki
Currency: Euro (formerly markka)
Official Language: Finnish; Swedish

2. France
Capital: Paris
Currency: Euro (formerly French franc)
Official Language: French

3. Hungary
Capital: Budapest
Currency: Forint
Official Language: Hungarian

4. Netherlands
Capital: Amsterdam
Currency: Euro (formerly guilder)
Official Language: Dutch

5. Iceland
Capital: Reykjavik
Currency: króna
Official Language: Icelandic

6. Ireland
Capital: Dublin
Currency: Euro (formerly Irish pound [punt])
Official Language: English; Irish

7. Norway
Capital: Oslo
Currency: Norwegian krone
Official Language: Norwegian

8. Poland
Capital: Warsaw
Currency: Zloty
Official Language: Polish

9. Spain
Capital: Madrid
Currency: Euro (formerly peseta)
Official Language: Spanish, Catalan Galician , Gasque

10. Russia
Capital: Moscow
Currency: Ruble
Official Language: Romanian

11. Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Currency: Krona
Official Language: Swedish

12. Portugal
Capital: Lisbon
Currency: Euro (formerly escudo)
Official Language: Portuguese

13. Switzerland
Capital: Bern
Currency: Swiss franc
Official Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh

14. United Kingdom
Capital: London
Currency: Pound sterling
Official Language: English

15. Italy
Capital: Rome
Currency: Euro (formerly lira)
Official Language: Italian

16. Malta
Capital: Valletta
Currency: Euro

17. Belarus
Capital: Minsk
Currency: Belarusian ruble

18. Belgium
Capital: Brussels
Currency: Euro

19. Croatia
Capital: Zagreb
Currency: Kuna

20. Austria
Capital: Vienna
Currency: Euro

21. Czech Republic
Capital: Prague
Currency: Czech kruna

22. Greece
Capital: Athens
Currency: Euro

23. Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi
Currency: Euro

24. Russia
Capital: Moscow
Currency: Ruble

25. Turkey
Capital: Ankara
Currency: Turkish lira

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